A Cautionary Tale...

Sunday, October 16, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 41 

We have spoken of preparedness and the need to be ready to connect at a moment’s notice. Now let us focus on how easily you can be brought into activities and a mindset that is ego or self motivated and what to do about it. Let us speak here of the pull toward relationships that appear to be loving and appropriate, but often are not. How can you tell? Intimate, sexual relationships between two people, where one or the other is involved with another, are certainly fraught with potential for harm. 

What is intended to be but a short dalliance with someone, opens the door for hearts to be broken and damage to occur, often beyond healing, or repair. Trust is now gone and if the dalliance with another happened in a marriage situation, the union may be on rocky ground. Children may be deeply hurt, also. An example is being given to them, whether you want it to be or not. It is most appropriate here to ask for guidance. A strong chemical and emotional bond of like-minded individuals, is still not reason enough to forgo previous commitments, necessarily. 

The short-lived pleasure and intensity of a new love is soon gone and the day to day settles in. Now the work that had been done in the previous relationship is gone, and each one must ‘begin again’ so to speak, with the new partner. Many of the same hurdles already worked through with the old partner will be there for the new partner to deal with. 

The time and energy that you had planned for a job, a mission, your children, your calling, your deep interests, now must go to that new relationship. This could feel like a huge diversion, a time-sink hole, from what you had wanted to be doing. 

It is of the greatest wisdom to join with your spiritual guidance there. I will point the way forward and let you know of what is in the best interest of all. Intelligent, wise, but perhaps painful ‘letting go,’ may be called for. Each situation will be different. I will guide you with your happiness and well being in mind, your long range happiness and your permanent well being. I will take into consideration, all those involved, dear one, for I have the view from the transcendent there. 

This chapter could be called a ‘cautionary tale,’ or a yellow light, and a call to turn inward, always. You may take this as a bucket of cold water on a lovely flame, but a bucket of cold water can put out a fire that can cause great harm. I love you and that is the truth of it. Never alone, truly never alone. 

Stay the Course

The roadmap of your life, dear,

Should not be thrown away,

Discarded as a tissue,

Outmoded, had its day. 

The course you chose, to join Me, 

To live in Unity,

Was not a flight of fancy,

’Twas forever meant to be.

The ego flashes ‘come here,’

 Let’s give this ride a spin,

Get off the ‘Jesus bandwagon,’ 

You know he is  a ‘has been.’

Says life’s a-passing by there, 

Why give up solo flight? 

Thrills are here a plenty,

Soar in your own delight.

The mind of separation, dear,

Has no foundation there, 

It’s made up of defenses, 

Quite simply, just hot air. 

It states its really you, there, 

Then claims uncertainty,

Shrugs its shoulders, laughs it off, 

Plays you, divisively. 

It takes determination,

To stay the course, you see,

Forsaking all distractions,

Choosing life with Me. 

Here you’ve found your truth, dear,

Your true identity,

Living from Transcendence,

With All, pure Unity. 

As long as we’re together, 

Love will lead our way,

We’ll follow where God leads us,

As One with Him each day. 

Joy is what we have, dear, 

We live with certainty,

Stay the course forever,

Throughout eternity. 


10/16/22.Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.