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Friday, October 14, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 40 

In this chapter we will discuss an idea which will allow for greater penetration into the truth of you. It is important to realize that as you move through your life, there will be opportunities that open for you, in which you will play a key role there. These may not be known to you ahead of time, nor are they opportunities that you have planned for, or ever expected. 

They will ‘happen’ so to speak. They will bring you into a scenario or a set of circumstances where what you do will make the difference. They will be that which will ‘prove your mettle,’ so to speak. You needn’t worry that you will not be prepared, or will not make the grade. You needn’t worry at all, for as with all of life, I am with you, there. Why is this idea given to you in this chapter, then? We want you to know that our relationship will serve you well now in the small things, the every day things, and in the unexpected events that will occur, also. 

Be ready to turn inward in an instant. Be ready to ask Me for guidance in a split second, or in the event of that which is unforeseen. Chart the course for the day with Me. Turn to Me and we will do what is there to do, together. Each event, each unfolding will be lived perfectly as you live it ‘joined’ with your Maker. You see, as we have said before, spiritually speaking, our Creator moves as a Wholeness, and nothing is separate from that Universal Mind that unfolds as the Entirety, there. Therefore, all is known and impacted as it issues forth from Source. But you must be open to it, to move from that Divine Mind. I am the gateway to that Divine Mind, for you. 

What unfolds impacts the All. Love, that you have shown or shared, is known to All. There is no unknown little act of kindness there, for All knows All. All recognizes the love, for that is what is real. The rest is not real and must be a made up thing, for God cannot know what is not real. Therefore, sin, sickness and death are what humankind made living from separation. They are viewed from the spiritual side as part of the illusion humankind has created as he has lived apart from his Maker there. 

This chapter could be said to be about preparedness, or readiness. The best preparation for whatever unfolds in your life is to have our relationship felt as secure to turn to. And so, coming into guidance again and again, until it is the natural first place to turn to, is called for. You do not want to wait another day to find me there, for it will be a day in the wasteland of separation. Come home to me now, dear one, come home, now. 

~ In Quiet Preparation~

In quiet preparation,

I still mind’s chattering sound,

I enter into sacred space,

And peace is all around. 

I ask that You would join me, Lord,

It’s You, alone, I seek,

Without your loving Presence,

I feel cut off and weak.

You come to me so gently,

You tell me you’re right here,

Now I can breathe easy—

Lord, my Love, you’re near. 

We join as One together,

You put my mind at ease,

Joyful with your Living Love —

Life seems now a breeze.

You answer all my searching,

You guide me to what’s true,

You tell me I am worthy,

To stand and walk with You. 

You say we have a purpose,

Our intention now must be,

To share with all the others,

To help them plainly see,

That they are not excluded,

God moves as One, a Whole,

A Movement felt as Living love,

One Heart, One Mind, One Soul. 

I ask that You would tell me, Lord,

Today and every day,

How I can share this message?

What part can I now play?

I’ll  dedicate my life, Lord,

I’ll hear and follow You,

I’ll share what You will tell me,

For what You say is true. 


In quiet preparation,

I turn within to You,

Waiting for your words, Lord,

We have a job to do!


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