All have intrinsic value...

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 39 

We have discussed the equality of women, and the equality of all others there on the planet. Knowing this intellectually though, is not what is needed. Putting this knowledge into practice is what is needed, there. This will take a conscious effort on everyone’s part, for the mindset of separation has so ingrained the idea of ‘those that are in’ and ‘those that are out,’ ‘those who deserve more, and ‘those who should get less,’ into the very fabric of the culture,’ that it is an automatic response to include some as equals and not others there. 

We must get over the idea that only those who contribute to society have the right to be considered as equals there. To view someone as equal means they have the right for care and concern, and the right to be looked at as invaluable to the greater Wholeness. To be alive on the Earth means one has as much intrinsic value as everyone else.

We should support those people and those institutions who support the care of others and who have not a profit motive. We should support those government policies that provide for the needs of those who are unable to work or provide an income for themselves. This will not dis-incentivize people as so often touted, but will enable them to go forward. If everyone would look at who is in their life, in their sphere of influence, is in need of help, and offer to help them, much suffering would be alleviated. You may be one who needs to be on the receiving end at this time, but there will be a time when you can give. All are meant to be givers and receivers there, and all are meant to be viewed as of equal importance. 

What about the criminals, you might ask. Isn’t hate appropriate for them? No. Hate the crime, but not the criminal. They are children of God who have forgotten who they really are, who may have never heard of God’s love, or the spiritual dimension, or may have taken what they have heard as of no importance to them. If you find this hard to do, ask Me to help you there. I will show you most clearly, how love is the only way forward for humanity—all of humanity. 

Equality and value for every one is essential for each one, and for the planet to move forward. Once this is the majority viewpoint, the planet will move forward in leaps and bounds. You will be ready to move into the sphere of the Universal Hierarchy, other planets and planes there, who are waiting for you to join them. This viewpoint, along with the understanding that spirituality is the overarching dimension of whom and what we are, will further the unfolding as nothing else could. Don’t hesitate to tell others how much you have come to know me there, and how much the spiritual dimension has meant to you. It all adds up, dear one, it all adds up. 

Intrinsic Value

You have intrinsic value, 

Not based on what you’ve done,

Inherent in your being, 

Because with God you’re One.

Do not feel incidental,

As just another face,

You’re priceless to your Maker, 

His jewel, of brilliant grace! 

Not separate to be judged there,

Nor held out at arm’s length, 

God’s bound with you in Oneness,   

Pours forth His love, His strength. 

 When others have forgotten,

You’re left as one aside,

Turn your mind to Me, dear, 

My arms are open wide. 

Don’t wallow in self pity,

No call for feeling low,

I hold you there as family, 

My love, so well, you know.

Try reaching out to others,

Put forth your love, your joy,

’Twill be a certain antidote,

To ego’s caustic ploy. 

Loneliness will cease there,

As love sets all things right,

Gone is all unworthiness,

You’re perfect in God’s sight. 

So raise you eyes to mine, dear,

Let love’s light lead the way,

Together, we’ll move forward.

In joy, as One, each day. 

You have intrinsic value,

You’re vital there to Me, 

I will love you always, 

We’re joined, eternally. 


10/12/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.