Death was necessary precursor...

Saturday, October 8, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 37 

It is almost incidental, how I died. The fact that it was a cross, was more indicative of the times than anything else. The cross has now become a symbol of my death and is seen as somehow sacred, but if it had been a stick, or a sword, or a stone, that would now be looked on as a sacred object, also. It was not the means of my death, but it was the fact of my death that was a necessary precursor to resurrection. So, in all ways, the lesson given is that life is eternal and will not end ever. 

I am emphasizing this as of such importance, so that you will not see the life you are living now as somehow terminal, an endpoint. It is best to look at your life now as a life that is living here, on this planet, for a reason, and as with all the decisions you make in your eternal being, it was a choice you made. 

Free will was not a gift given to you just for the time you abide on this planet, but it is a gift that is yours always and forever. That means that you decided to come here. You reincarnated here for a reason—your reason there. Now it is true that you do meet with counselors on the other side, and you do review what you have learned here. You see in retrospect, the contributions you have made and the decisions that caused harm or hurt to others there. This reflection is not meant to be a punishment in any way, but it is a mirror making you aware of how important your others are, and the chance you may have missed to show more love there. This may hurt and cause deep regret. 

Real selfless love is rare in your dimension. But it is increasing, as people gain in the understanding that they are One with the other, and that all are One movement of our Source. How do we know who and what to show love to and in what way? It is a movement of meaning felt within, and it is in coming into spiritual guidance that you will be shown the way, the why, and the wherefore. All are worthy of love, but in learning in what way love should be shown, is guidance needed. 

The love and the gifts you give will be felt as given to yourself, and the happiness and joy of it is yours. We are One movement of living love felt eternally and omnipresently. Do not view your gifts of loving kindness as a sacrifice to give, nor as a ‘take away’ there. The spout must be open for the living waters of love to flow through for others, as it flows through you. The healing power of this love will transform as nothing else can. 

It is written that I gave my life for you, but I did not die, I am here now with you in this way. I did give my love to you and for you, and I am giving it still. If you take my life as an example to follow, then be the love to others. Be the love and the light and let it flow, dear one, let it flow. 


It’s All About Others

The dearest love you’ll ever find,

Is right there deep within,

A love so dear, it fills your heart,

Right there, its always been.

Partake, dear one, of this great love,

Immerse yourself therein,

And feel the healing waters,

Wash clean your guilt and sin.

I am that love for you, dear,

I give my all to you,

And open the transcendent,

To what is surely true.

That you are my beloved,

As One, we do exist,

With All of God’s Created,

No one left out, nor missed.

So when you see your brother,

You see but who you are,

As One with our dear Father,

As pure, a shining star.

As innocent as you, dear,

In him the light you’ll find,

,And know that he is perfect,

Held safely in God’s Mind.

It’s all about the others, dear,

They are our family,

And bringing to them God’s intent,

To love unceasingly.

Let living love come forth, dear,

And heal the blinded sight,

So all can see the vision,

The truth, and all that’s right.

This poem’s a call to you, dear,

To open up to Me,

And let the power of God’s great love,

Within, work mightily.


We’re waking up the world,

To its true identity,

To God’s great meaning, living love,

Renewal, constantly.

This is the highest calling,

Will you do your part?

Together, we will give the gift,

As One great loving heart.

In closing, let me say again.

I love you as my own,

I will never leave you,

With me, you’re not alone.


10/8/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.