Entanglement Theory

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Entanglement Theory

What unfolds for each one, 

Affects all others there, 

God’s meaning knows no distance,

Love impacts everywhere. 

There is no separation, 

When your mind joins with Mine. 

Transcendence, now our landscape, 

We move, as One, divine.

A particle of living love, 

God’s energy of change,

Replicates repeatedly,

The Universe, its range. 

It knows not limitation, 

Seeks only to fulfill, 

Each particle of living love,

Radiates God’s will.

Meaning, mind, and movement,

All intertwined as One,

Entangled with God’s living love,

It’s how creation’s done. 

Your part in this equation?

Claim your heredity,  

Your free will is the key, dear,

Choose to join with Me.  

Entanglement’s not theory,

I tell you that its true, 

Your love affects all others. 

Joined, in Mind, with you. 

In closing of this poem, dear, 

I love you as My Own, 

You are always with Me,

You are not alone.


10/5/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.

(Reposted after hearing about the Nobel Peace prize winners in quantum physics, 2022 , for their work on the entanglement theory.)