Everyone, you are fully equal...

Monday, October 10, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 38 

Let us now move on to another topic I discussed with my disciples. They wanted to know how women are to be viewed in light of their value at the time I lived there. Then, shamefully, women were viewed as of low value. They were subservient to men in all ways. They were seen as useful for bringing forth prodigy and for caring for the house and home. Most women’s lives were managed by others from birth to death. They were held as a man’s property and were treated as chattel there, to be honest about it. His wives, his daughters, and his female servants, were kept away from the decision-making and were told what to do and what was expected of them. 

I knew, however, that they were created equally to men, and were held with as much love from the Father, as were men. I included women in my entourage and even though they lived separately in their tents or living quarters, they were included in the ministry to others. Many were the delights that we shared together, proclaiming the good news of direct connection to our Father, there. 

This chapter then, can be said to be about inclusion of woman in all areas of life, and can be said to be about the equality of all. Change has happened over the millennia, and woman now have much more choice over how they live their lives. There is still residual dominance from men and abuse is not uncommon there. The religions of the world—not all, but many—still hold women as serving a certain role as wives and mothers, and are seen as, though not professed as, possessions, ‘belonging to,’ there. They do have a role to play as wives and mothers as our Source put this in place, but this is not the only role and this is not the definitive role if a woman wants another. 

Men and women do bring different attributes to the table, and we cannot deny that this is the way our Father created the sexes. This does not mean that what could be considered a ‘male’ trait, cannot be there in a female, and what is considered a ‘female’ trait cannot be in a male. There is great variability in this and should be a cause for appreciation, as our diversity is a great strength for all. 

What makes us all equal and all of the greatest worth? It is what could be called the binding agent of life, the First Cause and the substance of who we are. This is the energy of living love in and through us all. This love of Source holds us in His Mind as His own creations, perfect, whole, and free, as we were created there. As this living love pours through each and every one of us out to each other, the differences fade, and the inclusiveness, the Oneness of us all is felt. Yes, women, you are fully equal and yes, everyone, you are fully equal. You are living love expressed. Rejoice! 

The Equality of Oneness

There is no inequality,

No one left without Love,

God giveth His true meaning, 

It’s what we’re all made of. 

This energetic substance, 

Accessed through peaceful mind,

It’s right within, just ask Me,

Such Love, as One, you’ll find. 

The Equality of Oneness,

Means God, each one, doth fill,

With Love, His point of light, there, 

Each one shines forth His will. 

Let’s look at what God’s Love means,

Its meaning’s there for you,

To heal, redeem, and to transform, 

Indeed, to make all new.

If you are One with God there, 

I tell you, this is true, 

Your brother and your sister, 

Are also One with you. 

The Equality of Oneness,

Means all are family. 

No one left out or lonely,

Just turn within to Me.

The planet is awakening, 

Fast moving to that time, 

When separation’s gone there, 

God’s Oneness reigns sublime. 

For now, let’s join together, 

And live as One this day,

Let Love make right, renew all, 

Let's joy, in Love, God’s way. 

In closing of this poem, dear, 

I tell you what you’ve known. 

I am with you always,

You are not alone.  



10/10/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing  is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this  website.