Free will is a real gift...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 43 

To know that life is unfolding in a moment by moment way, is a wonderful thing to know. Why? Because it allows for penetration of the divine into the mindsets of millions who benefit from the movement of Source, there. If life were a forgone conclusion, and if the plan had no vitality to it, set in stone and unaltered neither “ a jot or a tittle,” it would be living with the gift of free will as a hollow thing of little meaning there. But free will is a real gift and a real player in life. It changes the course of the flow of life and next steps are based on free will choices made by each one. 

An important thing to remember is that each choice is paving the way for the next step in your life. Little choices and big choices —matters not—they are the ground work for what’s to come. This puts responsibility for how to use free will squarely in your hands. You can ‘opt out’ of your responsibility to choose uniquely, and just ‘go with the flow,’ to use the parlance of the day, and your life will more than likely be a predictable one with the cultural norms giving you its outcomes there—telling you what is supposed to make you happy and fulfilled and what is supposed to give meaning to your life. 

However, evidenced by the number of depressed people and the numbers of suicides and crimes and abuses committed against self and others, the culture is not providing that deep meaning so vital to a life well lived. Happiness, joy, and fulfillment seem illusive and as a hoped for dream, almost always unobtainable, except for brief and fleeting moments. How is free will to be used then? It is in yielding to what your Source had in His Mind for you. It is listening for the Voice for Truth in every aspect of your life. It is in freely yielding there, and freely asking for guidance from your Maker. It is in following the divine plan, the movement from the transcendent, that your deepest meaning and forward movement into truth will unfold for you. Here, the big picture of all that is unfolding can be taken into context as your guidance is given to you. Here, you open to the power of living love that has renewal as its method, its means, its mode, and its measure. The ultimate goal, is to wake everyone up to the Oneness of Source. 

Your recognition that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world, and your opening to spirit, to me, and to those on the others side working with you, allows for penetration of that living love to be felt in and through you. Now the renewal of your life is experienced daily, and all that was old becomes as new again. Loneliness and isolation are eradicated and joy is felt as the very substrate of you. Choose for the joined mindset always, and choose for our relationship to be central there. Never alone, truly, you are never alone. 

Choose for Truth

Separation exists there, 

Only in your mind,

A mindset you have chosen,

Self-willed, installed, defined. 

It’s there, a sly marauder, 

With cunning it will spin,

A tale that you are threatened,

With it, alone, you win. 

This ego is a liar,

Portrays itself as real,

A thief with one objective,

Your identity to steal. 

It has no grounds in truth there,

No Presence can there be, 

Will whimper as you open,

And join within to Me. 

Without your use it’s cut off,

Its spin will cease to be, 

The scratchy noise of nothingness, 

Is gone—at last your free! 

The Mindset given to you,

From God, so very near,

Connects you to, directly,

God’s meaning’s felt, so clear. 

You have free will to choose, dear,

How you will use your Mind,

God forces not His Children,  

Wants you, His Love, to find.

This Love is who you are, dear,

God’s meaning’s there for you,

Awakening to Oneness, 

This Love comes shining through. 

A Love beyond compare, dear,

Its function’s to renew,

To heal, redeem, transform, there,

God’s powerhouse in you. 

I’m here to guide you fully,

Your Friend, your Counsellor, too, 

Join Me in Mind right now, dear. 

I’m waiting here for you. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

What you have surely known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


10/19/22.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.