Giving and Receiving...'love in action' words...

Friday, October 21, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 44 

We have discussed the topic of free will and now it is time to begin to understand what this will mean for you. We have given you an understanding of what this legacy gift is like and of its unalterable nature. We have laid out before you why using this gift to join with your transcendent self is the correct use of free will. Using this one gift correctly, wisely, opens the door to untold gifts for you. Now you have a better understanding of what God is like. God could be said to be The Great Gift Giver there, and this would be a mighty truth. 

Giving and receiving—two action words. I can tell you that this is how your life will be lived as you use your gift of free will to join with your Source. It will feel as a ‘flow through,’ dear one, it will feel as a ‘flow through.’ This ‘flow through’ of giving and receiving, giving and receiving, again and again, brings the energy of living love, in all its transformational power into play. Giving and receiving are ‘love in action’ words. 

Now my role in all of this is to stand at the gate and make clear to you how to best be a receiver and a giver. For you have long been indoctrinated into placing ‘self’ as kingpin and living out from the separated mindset. To be a true giver and receiver, you will need to learn to ‘let go’ and ‘open up’—two more action words/phrases. What are you to ‘let go’ of? Self will and all that this implies.What are you to ‘open up’ to? The will of your Source, your Creator, your Divine Parent. Because you have lived from the separated mindset for so long, it will take retracing the decisions you have made along the way that have been erroneous, and undoing them, replacing them with the truth of you, God’s truth. 

Don’t think that this will be an arduous and joyless process, for we will have much joy along the way. It will be so refreshing to live out from our relationship, and will prove so beneficial to you, that you will not want to ever go back to the old way, the separated way, the lie that was perpetrated on you from the culture, there. You will ‘let go’ and ‘open up’ with Me, dear one, and you will be a ‘giver and receiver’ with me. I’m offering a gift to you now, right this minute, the gift of our relationship. Here I am, open to Me, and let’s move forward in this adventure together. Never alone, you are never alone. 

No Greater Gift

I’m not asking you for money,

Not requiring any fees, 

What I have to give you,

Is simple, be at ease. 

There is no hidden binder,

No surprise ‘gotcha’ clause, 

These words are freely given,

My love for you, the cause.

My love has an intention,

I want each one to know, 

That I am there directly,

My friendship, to bestow. 

You see, I made a promise,

Given long ago,

That I would never leave you,

I’m here, right now, and so…

Come to find your truth, dear,

Find your friend, your guide,

Find One who’ll never leave you,

With you, I do abide. 

Clear your mind of clutter,

Find that place of peace, 

Ask and I will answer, 

Aloneness now will cease. 

This gift is like no other, 

What you’ve been searching for,

Living love will pour forth,

As I open up its door. 

Love that brings its healing,

Renewal there for you,

Redeeming and transforming,

God’s meaning, ever true.

No greater gift than this, dear, 

Our journey has begun,

Transcendence, our inheritance,

With God, we move as One.  


10/21/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.