I'm Calling You...

Saturday, October 29, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 48 

Being a credible witness, witnessing, does not necessarily mean being a preacher or a teacher. Being a credible witness means moving through life joined with Me, your spiritual guidance. Here, you are a witness to living love which pours through you as you do so connect. Now you may not do anything directly related to what could be called ‘ministry,’ but the meaning that comes forth will be felt as authentic to you and will give you that ‘right-on’ feeling — that what you are doing is fully ‘on target.’ 

Those that you interact with will notice the difference in you. They will notice your calm demeanor, your peaceful mindset, and your care and concern in what you are involved with. They will notice a confidence that is not arrogant, and a capacity to embrace the situation you are in. Now they may ask you about this, and this may open the door to witnessing. Together, we will tell them about direct connection to spiritual guidance, available to all. You will be a credible witness, and you will have furthered the truth of life, dear one. 

This is a golden opportunity knocking on the door and not to be dismissed. It will be the most important thing you can do, so do not dismiss it as irrelevant. As you will have many opportunities, it is wise to be prepared there, but not that you would have a set script to give, for this is not the way. You must look at each situation as new and turn to me, so that we, together, can share the good news of direct connection. I know what will move this one or that one, and I have the transcendent view, so turn to me in how to give the good news. 

We know that the awakening of the planet is an awakening of each one to Oneness. It is a one by one unfolding and cannot happen without each one coming to know me, coming to know of spiritual guidance directly there for each one. You are a credible witness and you are an ambassador for truth. Join with me and speak out when the time is right. I will be with you and show you the way. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

I’m Calling You

I’m calling you to join Me,

We have God’s work to do,

We need to tell the others,

That directly, I come through.

We need to let them know, dear,

That they are not alone,

That I’m right there within them,

To love them as My Own. 

The call to them is urgent,

For hopelessness is there,

Lost, alone, sans meaning,

The good news we must share.

The good news of My Presence,

I’m waiting at the door,

Ready when they’re willing—

Love’s healing balm, I’ll pour.

This Love will bring God’s meaning,

Its function’s to redeem,

To renew, and to transform there—

Love’s light, a steady beam.

A beam that points direction,

We’ll follow this north star,

That brings us all to Oneness,

To whom we really are.

We are His Own Dear Children,

One family, including All,

Filled with God’s great meaning!

Again, I make the call!

Please heed this call to join Me,

Our siblings need us there,

They need to know they’re not alone,

We love them—deeply care. 

You are God’s point of light there,

Right there, right where you are.

Your most important calling?

To be His shining star! 

In closing I will tell you,

What you by now have known,

I love you oh so dearly,

You are not alone. 


10/29/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website