Is your future predestined?

Monday, October 17, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 42 

There is a red thread running through all the chapters so far and in all the chapters to come. This red thread is the Voice for Truth coming through. So if the subject matter seems to jump around from topic to topic, the underlying theme of giving you words from Truth is there, and provides the cohesion you want and are looking for. It also provides the freedom to touch on many topics without having to follow a rigid plan. 

As the scribe listens, she is not looking for her idea of cohesion, and will allow the words to come forth as they do. With this in mind, we are free to talk of anything and everything as it comes forth. 

So let us look at a topic that many are vitally interested in. Is the future predestined? Are we living a life that is known and will unfold according to a plan that is already set for us? Does God already know what will happen and unfold for us? I am glad to share this information with you so that you can go forward without anxiety and apprehension, there. 

The answer, simply put, is that life unfolds anew. It is not predestined and we also do not know on a day by day, moment by moment basis, what will unfold, there. We can tell you this: As you come into spiritual guidance and open to our relationship, the guidance given will be coming from your Wholeness which has the view from the transcendent there. That means that your guide will know what forward steps will best open for you, the door to what you are involved with in your life. And, as you follow, the perfect outcome will be experienced. You may say, God had a plan for me, because look at the miracle that just happened! He must have known all along! But remember, it is a moment by moment unfolding and it is as you do your part and listen and follow that the miracles will happen. 

You are never as a robot, or an automaton, nor as a windup toy that lives there. You are always given free will to move as you do so choose. However, the best use of this free will is to turn inward and live out from your joined mindset there. Here, input from the divine will bless you and guide you perfectly. 

Come to know why you came to Earth and what you decided to have as your mission before you incarnated here. Then turn inward and nurture that relationship with your guide, with Me, and follow what guidance you are given. The ultimate goal for all of us here on the spiritual side is to wake everyone up to their Allness, to whom and what they are, direct inheritors, and children of Source there, One with All That Is. You are predestined to wake up to who you are, for truth will have its way. 

Ever Unfolding Anew

Your life unfolds anew there,

Held perfect, whole, and free,

God’s love fulfills its function,

Transforming, constantly.

This love itself is constant,

Within, throughout the All,

Healing and redeeming,

‘Twill answer to your call.

Love is your very meaning,

I’m there within to pour,

To bathe you in Loves’s cleansing,

Renewing and much more.

Love releases stasis,

Now zest for life is there,

We trust in life’s unfolding,

Held safely in God’s care. 

Joining is essential,

In Mind, come home to Me,

A separated mindset,

Leaves out Transcendency.

Love’s power to ‘make right’ there,

Power beyond words—it’s true,

Could move a mighty mountain,

Could change the world’s view!

Let’s now restate our mission,

God’s Love’s our guiding star,

To awaken All to Oneness,

To whom you really are.

Each one must come to know there,

His true identity, 

Must let go of illusion,

His truth he’ll clearly see.

Call on Me to guide you,

I’ll lead you through the fray, 

Ego’s defense will fade there—

Like ice, ’twill melt away. 

At last, you’ll know most fully,

No more, you’ll need to roam,

You’ve found just who you are, dear,

As One, with God, your home.  


10/17/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.