It Takes a Firm Decision

Friday, October 7, 2022

It Takes a Firm Decision

It takes a firm decision,

To quiet thinking mind,

To come into that sacred place,

Where love is what you’ll find. 

Life filled with such distractions, 

Not all are worthless there,

Even so, you still must choose, 

Transcendence or thin air.

It may mean giving up some things,

That may seem fun to do,

But truly, dear, your time’s best spent,

Is letting Me come through. 

You have a gift to give, each day,

That calls for staying true,

Nothing else more meaningful,

For others and for you. 

Your listening and your writing,

This poetry and more, 

Let’s people know that I’m right here,

Not at some distance shore.

Truly, in the long run,

And in the short, you’ll find,

Most joy in our togetherness, 

Fulfillment, peace of mind. 

So let go of socializing,

Don’t dissipate your time, 

Stay true to your great mission,

God’s gift, through you, sublime. 

In closing I will tell you,

I’m with you every day,

I love you now and always,

Let’s live, in peace, God’s way. 

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