Joining's Not A Game

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Joining’s  Not a Game

’Tis not a game we’re playing,

Not there to just past time, 

Most serious undertaking,

From dark to light you’ll climb.

Treat it not as just a lark,

A mind game fantasy,

Join in mind with Me, dear,

I’m here, discover Me!

You’ll see, you’re not alone there,

To wander near and far,

I’m here within to show the way

To show you who you are.

You’re God’s direct inheritor,

You’re perfect, whole, and free,

You’re One with Source united,

No greater truth, can be!

Could you ever know, dear? 

What meaning you would miss?

Without our direct connection,

You’d never know such bliss!

You’ll choose to live joined always,

Such perfect love you’ll find,

You’ll joy in our relationship, 

You’ll know Transcendent Mind! 

Don’t let this be a project,

That some day, you’ll get to,

Stop what your doing now, dear,

I’m here waiting for you. 

No better use of time, dear,

The best thing you can do,

Find your peace and join with Me. 

My arms, open wide, for you. 

10/30/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.