Joy comes from togetherness...

Sunday, October 23, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 45 

Moving forward with the intention of listening always, will not be a joyless action. Truly, we can count on these days of togetherness as happy times and the culmination of a life joined as one together. The culmination means the peak time, and in some ways, the end time of our work there on the earth plane. It is not a sad time though, and it will be felt as fulfilling for you in every way. 

An open mind to the tasks at hand is called for there. Openness to receive input and guidance each step of the way is called for. This is important if we are to give the gift and make the most of divine guidance. Think of this as your full time employment, and that the mission is to change the hearts and minds of people, and open before them the truth of life. This is the intent and this is the focus of our work. 

Begin each day with a time of recommitment and communion together. This will place your intentions and will be as a static remover from our communication there, our dialogue together. Your focus will be singular, but you will not be singular, not as a solo one ever. I will be and many others will be working there with you to bring the good news of direct connection to the world. 

The fun, the happy times, and the joy will come from your awareness of our togetherness and of the importance of what we are engaged in together. You will not lack joy, nor will you be regretful in any way. It will be worth it, dear one, truly and wholly worth it. Let this brief chapter on our forward movement, light the spark of inspiration to carry on. I love you and you are never alone. 

Intention to Continue

Let’s celebrate together,

How far that we have come,

We’ve lived entwined these many years,

Found  joy and peace therefrom.

We’ve written many books, dear,

And messages galore,

Poems pour forth like water, 

There’s so much more in store!

Let’s not rest on our laurels,

There’s still much work to do, 

While you abide on earth, dear, 

I’ll be there guiding you.

We’ll work to tell the others,

That directly I am there, 

That God’s Transcendent Mindset, 

Waits for each to share.

We want to tell of love, dear,

God’s meaning coming through, 

This energy of healing,

Transforms, makes all things new

Let this be your intention,

Trust that God’s will be done, 

Let the light of love lead onward,

‘Til All know we are One.

This is, what’s here,  intended,

To set the planet free,

Each one to love all others,

See All as family. 

So let’s continue onward,

‘Each day live joined with Me,

Bring trust and divine purpose,

This, your intention, be.

In closing let Me state again, 

The truth I know to be,

I love you and am with you 

Live joined, dear one, with Me. 


10/23/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this websie.