Life is Not Predestined

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Life is Not Predestined

Life is not predestined,

Though there’s a Master Plan,

You came to give your gift there,

’Twill take a whole life-span.

How it all unfolds, though,

May take many a twist and turn,

You’re involved in an undoing,

Your truth you must discern. 

First there’s the recognition,

You’re created spiritually,

You come to know that I’m within,

To turn to constantly. 

You realize God’s meaning,

Is living love, so true,

Healing and redeeming, 

Making all things new. 

You learn that manifestation,

Takes living love and trust,

spiritual guidance, intention,

Divine purpose is a ‘must.’ 

Five pillars holding promise, 

Your gift will come on through, 

Your mission will get given,

We see God’s light in you. 

Transcendent Mind will lead you,

It has the full blown view,

It knows who all will benefit,

From what you’re bringing through. 

So if your forward movement,

Sees surprising change each day,

God sees the entire picture, 

Will lead you right, His Way. 

Remember that you chose, dear,

To come to earth to give,

To help the blind to see, dear,

So in Oneness, all can live. 

I end this poem by saying,

Your gift is coming through,

Never alone I promise,

I’m there, with love, for you. 

10/20/2022. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.