Misconception must be cleared up...

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 35 

Let us return to my involvement with the disciples. For there is much that they wanted to know and much that is pertinent to sharing with you here. First and foremost, was the witnessing to others, of the direct communication each one could have with the Holy Spirit, with our Father God, and with me. The rites of baptism and communion, or the Lord’s supper as it has been called, were ways to share the relationship people could have with their Creator, and with me. Yes, I was and am the Son of God, but you, too, are his offspring. Again, when I say Him here, I am meaning Him /Her/ It, the Fullness, there. 

There is a misconception that must be cleared up here. I am not a separate one to be held apart from others, nor held in a higher and different position there. We all have gifts to give and my mission, my gift, was to come to the Earth to tell people of the direct connection they can have with me and with their Source as they turn within. I came to tell them that they are eternal beings connected most directly to their Maker as they open to Him. 

Yes, forgiveness of sins was my message also, and understanding that sin, sickness and death were a consequence of living from separation, from abandoning our Father. Being brought back to Him, and living out from Him, joined in mind with Him, was where forgiveness occurred and sin, sickness and death were no more. 

This is a message I am proclaiming now, this day, even as you read this. You see, I am working on the spiritual plane, which interpenetrates all the dimensions there, still giving the message of direct connection to those who will hear. Until the last one is awake to his or her Oneness, this will be my mission. I will work unceasingly, through those who are willing to hear, to wake up the masses there. 

There are many of us on this level and in the third dimension, who are working to bring this message to the world. Are you one of those who has agreed to do this most important work? Are you one who feels a calling to tell what you have so gloriously come to know? If you are, I will help you proceed and go forward. Bring your intention and your willingness to me, and together, we will wake up the world. Let us move on to other lessons or teachings that were given to the disciples. 

Let’s Clear a Misconception

Do you see yourself as sinner,

Always needing to atone,

Wearing guilt like filth, there,

Is this your comfort zone?

To live as perpetual sinner,

Means sin, this dirt you wear, 

Must constantly be washed away, 

Forgiveness begged for, there. 

Let’s clear a misconception, 

Let’s rid a faulty claim, 

Inherently, you’re God’s own child,

He knows you by your name! 

Your worth is so much greater,

From what you now can see, 

You’re held in Universal Mind, 

As perfect, whole, and free. 

Let’s clear a widespread notion.

About your identity, 

That says baptized in font or pool,

Will change your heredity. 

You are God’s own beloved, 

And as you turn within,

You’ll find that I’m right with you, 

Where I have always been! 

The sins that you’ve committed, dear,

Resulted from defense,  

When you left, by choice, God’s Oneness,

Now fear, loomed large, immense.

You’re still God’s lovely child, dear,

Nothing takes that away,

Let go of separation!

Join with Me this day! 

Claim your rightful place there,

Walk tall, hold hands with Me,

No need to hang your head, nor kneel,

You’re truly, family. 

Let living love, God’s meaning,

Shine forth as who you are, 

You carry this as birthright,

You are God’s shining star.  

In closing, I will tell you,

You mean so much to Me,

We’re bound as One, together,

God’s will, our destiny! 


10/04/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.