No Time Like the Present

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 46 

There is no time like the present for listening for the Voice for Truth. It is in the present moment that our relationship can be had. There will be no better time than now, because now is that point in time where I am here with you. Even as you read this, there is a call for you to put the book down and ask Me in. You see, the whole point of all the writings in this book and in all the books that have come forth, is to tell you about our direct connection, there. Many other spiritual truths have been given, but it is the truth of our direct connection to each other that is the mission at this time with this one. 

Direct connection means two way communication, dialogue, interaction, and feedback. Direct communication means that another Presence is there to talk to. A real Presence and not a process you have taught yourself in a ‘give and take’ interchange verbally within.Yes, it is all you, for we are One, but I am an entity on the spiritual plane. I am the One known as Jesus, who lived on your planet two thousand plus years ago. I am the One who has the task of awakening the planet to its Oneness with Source and with All That Is. I take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness and the utmost dedication there. 

And so, I will work with Randi throughout the time she resides in your dimension, and together, we will bring these works to the world. We are not interested in a half-baked gifting, nor in letting these pearls of wisdom be lost in the sea of books and teachers who are so abundant in your culture. How will we do this? We will always let living love lead the way. For living love has as its meaning setting all things right, renewal, and bringing Divine Purpose to the world. It is the stuff of miracles and we will follow the light of its lead as we go forward there. 

No Time Like The Present

It’s in the present moment,

When our minds are joined as One,

The Father’s light illuminates,

How His Will is done.

We listen with intention, 

The Voice for Truth to hear, 

We follow what we’re given,

And gladly, we adhere.

Not far in the future,

Nor lost in forgone days, 

It’s in the present moment,

Love’s light shows us His ways.  

What ever lies before us, 

We go not there alone,

We move as One together, 

In peace, God’s love, we’re shown.  

Now is the right time, dear, 

To turn off ego’s voice,

Now ’s the time to choose for Me, 

Transcendency, your choice. 

So at this present time, dear,

Be still and find your peace,

Let’s move as One together,

Our joy, as One, won’t cease.

We’ll follow what we’re given.

Find joy in it each day,

There’s no time like the present,

To live our life God’s’ way.



10/25/22.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling otherrs about this website.