Stay Close to Me

Friday, October 28, 2022

Stay Close to Me

Your sense of forward movement,

Your place of certainty,

Comes from living joined, dear,

Staying close to Me. 

A busy life with others,

Can bring distraction there,

Can dissipate your mission,

When love’s not brought to bear.

A choice from you is called for,

‘Twill mean some letting go,

Giving up involvement,

From that which hinders flow. 

The flowing forth of mission,

The intention to stay true,

To what you came to earth for,

God’s will to carry through. 

Stay close to Me today, dear,

For now’s the perfect time, 

The clarity of Oneness,

Will bring us joy sublime. 

Waste not each precious moment,

With what has no effect,

Ego’s idle thinking,

Our joined mind will correct. 

Yes, correction’s called for,

Love’scompass points the way

To follow Divine Purpose,

I’ll guide you every day.

You must bring ardent fervor,

Unassailable resolve,

A deep, life long, commitment,

Your mission does involve.

You’ll feel so good at life’s end,

You’ll harbor no regret,

We’ve shared this life together,

Divine Purpose gladly met. 

In closing let Me say again,

The importance of joining there,

The world will be the better,

For what you, joined, will share.

10/28/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.