To Give is to Receive

Monday, October 3, 2022

To Give is to Receive

When you’re with another,

And this one is in need,

Remember what you give, there,

You will receive, indeed. 

Love flowing fully, freely,

And coming forth through you,

Like water through a hose, dear,

Washes clean, you too.

When you turn to Me, within,

And join, your mind as One, 

Transcendence flows forth freely,  

And so God’s will is done. 

It takes vigilance to do this,

Distractions there abound, 

Ego pulls out all the stops,

Plays defense all around.

And so it takes returning,

To Me, again and again, 

Establishing a pattern, 

To always turn within.

Then always you will live, dear,

From love’s pure point of view, 

Giving and receiving,

As God created you.

Your free will is the vehicle,

God’s gift for each to use,

Use it wisely, turn within,

God’s will is what you’ll choose.

Choose for truth to live from,

Choose transcendency,

Choose to help another,

Give, receive, with Me. 

I love you now, forever,

As One with Source are we,

Giving and receiving, 

 ’Tis how we’re meant to be. 

 10/3/22. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.