We see a great unfolding...

Sunday, October 2, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 34 

In this chapter we will discuss how the woman scribing these words was able to move beyond her need for validation and feedback from others, and continue on with what she knew was her mission. The answer to this is simple. She stayed in touch with me. I was the reward and the reason she stayed with the continuance there. She received virtually no feed back from the world, no sales figures of books to look back on, no recognition from the media, nor even from family members, who did acknowledge her a bit but mostly kept quiet. 

The one place where she could see impact was on the website. As she continued to give daily messages from me, the numbers who came to the site daily, increased, one or two at a time, but an increase just the same. This heartened her and at least, she knew some were being given the good news of direct connection there. Her life’s work was not totally given in vain. 

My relationship with her was almost constant. She called on me whenever she was in need, lonely, or asking for ‘what next.’She felt no judgement from me, even when she allowed herself to be lulled into somnambulance with the TV, or wasted her time doing nothing worthwhile there. We were together and we were inseparable. This was the reason for giving the gift and the reward for her. 

We are now taking the opportunity, as she is listening to us, and when I say ‘we,’ I am referring to those others who are working with her there, to tell her we see a great unfolding on the horizon. We see multiple ways in which the message will get given out to a much broader audience. We see the spotlight focusing on her and we see that she is ready to speak the truth as she has come to know it so well. The audience will be wide and varied and will touch all corners there, a world message of truth, and a message that will usher in change and shifting to a more inclusive understanding of our Source, our Maker there. Many will turn to me and discover direct spiritual guidance. A new beginning will be had, and a new beginning of involvement from the Universal Hierarchy. 

Randi is listening, and she is now going through an internal preparation for what’s to come. Because she believes wholeheartedly in what I tell her and has faith and trust that what I say is the truth there, she is experiencing mild trepidation. She feels uncertain if she can handle so much involvement from others there. She is a loner and is uncomfortable with groups of people. I can tell her she has what it takes and she is never alone. I will guide her though the days ahead, and together, we will give the gifts she has come to Earth to give. ‘Together always’ is our motto. 

Seek not for Recognition

Seek not for recognition,

Not fame nor fortune’s glare,

Seek only for My Presence,

The reason why you care.

Just write what you are given,

Because it gives to you,

Your meaning and your purpose,

Your mission coming through. 

Don’t count the writings value,

By feedback you don’t hear,

Our relationships the measure,

Our love’s what you count dear. 

It’s truly in togetherness

Your fulfillment will be found,

Intertwined forever,

As One, in joy, we’re bound.

Trust that the final outcome,

Of all that’s written here, 

Will open many minds there,  

To hear My Voice so clear. 

That’s why you came to Earth, dear,

To help others find,

That they are One with Source, there, 

They hold Transcendent Mind!

Continue with the writing,

The blog, the poems, the site,

Stay with the daily gifting, 

Bring God’s Transcendent Light. 

In closing let Me share again, 

What you so well have known, 

I love you now and always, 

You are not alone. 


10/2/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of the website.