Witness to My Presence

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Witness to My Presence

How wonderful the world would be,

If we cared for one another,

Took time to see who has a need,

And helped that sister, brother. 

We see from our perspective,

Here on the spiritual plane,

A world of hurt and sorrow,

Deep suffering and pain.

Reach out to those you know, dear,

There’s someone who needs you,

I’ll show you how to help that one,

To bring God’s love on through. 

It may be words of comfort,

Perhaps a hug will do,

Maybe a gift of money,

Will help this one renew.

The best thing you can do, dear,

To help each one to live,

Is tell each that I’m there within,

With so much love to give. 

You’ll need to be a witness,

For they’ve heard these words before,

Your personal experience,

Will help open up the door. 

Your witness to My Presence,

And what it’s meant to you,

Will lend great credibility,

Means they might try it, too.

So open up your heart, dear,

Let the Voice for Truth come through,

You’re giving to the Wholeness,

I’ll be right there with you. 

Take words here as important,

Not just a little poem,

We need to wake the world to love,

Teach that Transcendence’s home. 

In closing I tell you deeply,

I love you, you’re My Own, 

We’re bound as One forever,

You are not alone!

10/13/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.