You are an eternal being...

Thursday, October 6, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 36 

Let us look more closely at a lesson I taught the disciples as I was living there. It is concerning life after death, and was what I experienced after my physical body was apparently dead. Now it is written that I was in the tomb for three days. It is written that I made an appearance to Mary of Magdala, and was thought to be a garden caretaker. It is written that she recognized me and that I then disappeared. At that point, I did go back to the spiritual plane and I did commune with my Father. We had a lesson to share and a teaching to give that would release the fear and the dread of dying there. I would teach, through my example, that life is eternal and knows no end. 

This was a powerful lesson to give and to reassure people that no matter how the physical body has suffered and no matter how apparently painful dying can be, it does not represent an endpoint for the spiritual body ever. There is no endpoint in life, for if there was an endpoint in life, there would be an endpoint to God and God never ends. He has always been and always will be, One spiritual movement of living love, in and through all. 

And so, I returned to the earth plane, and witnessed to the disciples and to many others there, that I was alive and that death is not the endpoint of existence. Now many saw me and were given the lesson of eternal life through direct experience of my presence there. As you read these pages, and as you ascertain that the woman listening and scribing these words could never have made them up, you too will have learned the lesson of life eternal for me, and for all. I am spiritually alive and am giving these words to her. Death has no sting, and death has no victory, as the bible says. 

So you can see your life as a sojourn there on the earth plane, a time you have chosen to be on the Earth in the physical dimension at this time.You came for a reason, dear one. Have you found out what that reason is? Have you found your spiritual guide within? Have you felt a calling to put your efforts forward to help others? No matter how diverse the gift you want to give, the calling or the mission or the experience you wish to have, it will involve being the place where love can come through you to others, there. It will be an ‘add to’ experience, not a ‘take from’ experience. 

I can tell you that my mission is ongoing and it will not cease, until all are in touch with inner guidance and aware of the Oneness of our Creator. I am there for you within, as you do so call on me, and I will guide you and love you as you discover your truth. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

Life Goes On Forever

Life goes on forever,

Never will it cease,

I tell you with all certainty,

Set your mind at peace. 

Say not, ‘I have but one chance,

So I must maximize,

Must cram it all in one life time,

Before my life’s demise.’ 

Life here is but an episode,

A page that soon will turn.

In your eternal story,

Each page, a time to learn.

To learn you’re never solo,

Not meant to go alone, 

You issue forth from Source, there,

Your life, to Him, well known.

Your story, like a journey,

It goes on without end,

A journey without distance, 

Find peace, join Me, transcend.

Transcendent Mind is yours, dear, 

For as you turn to Me, 

Your story and your journey,

A blessing they will be.

Let God’s love flow on through you,

His point of light you are,

Wherever that you find yourself, 

You are His radiant star. 

You are an eternal being,

An offspring of your Source, 

Divinity is yours, dear, 

God’s peaceful, loving, force. 

Don’t fret about the end, dear,

It’s just a transition time,

I’ll be with you, and soon we’ll reach,

Our heavenly home sublime.

This poem’s meant for reassurance,

To bolster you this day,

I love you and I’m with you,

Bound as One, God’s way. 

11/2/21. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website. 

* If you have found a direct relationship with the spiritual reality of the resurrected Jesus, or your spiritual guide, don’t hesitate—please tell others so they’ll have the courage and the curiosity to turn within to Me. Your witness makes a huge difference as this is the way we change the mindsets of those still not aware of who and what they are—offspring of our Source — direct inheritors of God’s powerful living love transforming energy and the meaning of our Creator/Sustainer, Universal MInd — that we are One with All That Is!