Answer to turmoil...

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness  

Chapter 49 

Be a testament to peace. This means that any anxiety you feel should be brought to me. Any turmoil and troubles should be brought to me and together we will find the healing that will erase these from your countenance. You are meant to live life free of these, dear one, for they are a result of living out from the separated mindset, the ego, there. They are intruders, and not the truth of whom you are. 

Worry, anxiety, fear, and panic are often treated with medication and psycho therapy. I am not saying these modalities are not helpful, but they seek to cover over the underlying issue there. The underlying condition is always living a life of separation from Source—ignorance of who you really are. 

Many have closed the door on spirituality, for they have had a negative experience with religion which they equate with spirituality. They have been raised to follow a creed, a doctrine, and a tradition, and yet have been betrayed by those in power and by family who have proclaimed this religion. They have discarded it as of no value to them. 

But the truth remains. All these negative emotions are a result of separation from Source—a mindset that has said, ‘I’d rather do it myself.’ Whether you feel as the victim or the victimizer, this is the truth. I am telling you that the answers to your emotional turmoil is in quieting your mindset and coming into that still place within. Then ask me in, dear one, ask that your Wholeness be experienced and that aloneness be forgone for joining. 

I am there for you and I will help you. I am eager to help you and bring you into balance, peace, joy, and into the truth of who you really are. You will feel into the deepest love you have ever known and this will provide the dynamic healing energy for you there. You will feel into your intrinsic value as a child of your Maker, and you will let go of aloneness forever. I am here for you and I do love you and you are truly never alone. 

In Need of Reassurance

If conviction seems to wane there,

If doubt is overhead,

If fear is raising its alarm,

And the future brings you dread,

At the first sign of complacence,

When motivation’s gone,

When ego calls, Hey, here’s a plan,

I’ll fix the stuff that wrong.

Its pretense says it’s you there,

Makes up a convincing bluff,

Wily in its willful ways,

Don’t swallow ego’s stuff!

It’s time to turn to Me, dear,

To quiet ego’s slur,

Find your peace and ask Me in,

I’m here to reassure. 

Reassure you that you’re loved, dear,

That I am here each day, 

My Voice for Truth will lead you,

Love’s light will guide our way. 

Reassure you to go forward,

Have faith and trust in Me,

We’re on a grand adventure,

God’s will, our destiny! 

Reassure you that what happens,

Yes, all that will unfold,

Will help both you and others, 

Great Blessings, yet untold. 

Remember when you join, dear, 

You join with what is true. 

The Mind of your Transcendence,

The true authentic you! 

I reassure with gladness,

Whenever you turn here, 

You’ll feel the love I have for you,

Erases all your fear. 

In closing let’s go forward,

We’ll have a joyous day,

Forever, I am with you,

True love will light our way! 


11/1/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website. Witnessing to My Prsence within is the most important thing you could ever do,  for it will help the world to open up to Oneness.