Ask Jesus

Friday, November 18, 2022

Ask Jesus

Our sister has departed,

With deepest grief we mourn,

Our heart strings have been broken,

Bleeding, raw, and torn. 

The pain of her departure,

The depth of our despair, 

Don’t know if time will heal it, 

’Twill be a constant there.

And so we turn to Jesus,

Who sees our souls laid bare,

Lord, Why did she leave us?

Why did God take her there?

Her life was such a blessing,

Not ready to be done, 

You know how much she meant to us, 

Her love graced everyone! 

Loved one, I am here, dear, 

And this I’ll tell you true, 

God called her home with purpose,

Her time on Earth was through. 

Trust in the unfolding, 

Put your grief aside, 

Join within to Me there,

Your loss, it will subside. 

Life, it knows no ending,

Each lives eternally,

Spiritual life forever,

Our glorious destiny!

I’ll tell you now for certain,

Your Sis feels heaven’s care,

I’m with her as are others, 

She’s loved completely, there. 

She loves her family deeply,

Yet wants them to let go,

Focus on the ones right there,

Ask Jesus, He will know.

In closing I will tell you,

Death it has no sting,

All live on forever, 

And love heals everything. 

11/18/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.