Claim My promise...

Sunday, November 20, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 59 

When I lived on the Earth plane, I was confronted by a power structure that was eager to get rid of anyone or anything that caused disruption. The powers of Rome that held sway over the back waters of Palestine and the Jewish priests also saw any teacher that disrupted the status quo as suspect there. And so, as my teaching began to infiltrate the small towns and villages, and as the strict rules, restrictions and commandments of the Jewish law were said to have been broken, heresy was murmured among the Sanhedrin, the judging council there. 

I knew that my teaching was meant to free the people from the confinement of the paralyzing minutia of these rules and regulations that went beyond what the Old Testament had said and the fear that they engendered. For I knew that our Father, our Creator, was directly available to them as he was to me, and that we needn’t fear of him in any way. The spirit of God was right there, within. What a relief this was for the people, for as they experienced their loving God within, they trusted and believed. 

Now healing was also a part of my ministry, there. For when I opened up to the power of living love, when trust was there, when I knew it fulfilled divine purpose, when my intention was clear and I joined within to my Father, healing occurred. Here we see the engines of manifestation at work so long ago, and that still are relevant today. 

But healing was not allowed on the Sabbath. My disciples plucked wheat grains from the fields on the Sabbath and this broke the rules. But I was the one they wanted to get rid of. I was the Great Disrupter there, for them. There was a trial as you know, there was death on the cross, there was resurrection and ascension. The final lesson had been given, and the promise of my direct availability to you, forever, was made. I have kept that promise, dear one, and I am here for you now, even this day. Let this brief review of how the promise was made and how the gift was given, remind you to claim that promise as your own. I am here within, and I love you unceasingly. 

My Promise Given

I made a sacred promise,

That I would be with you,

I have kept that promise,

To this, I have been true.

You need Me there to guide you, 

It’s impossible alone, 

For only in our joining,

Can truth be fully known. 

Truth requires joining,

With your Transcendency,

Here’s your origination,

Your real identity. 

You’re intrinsic to the Wholeness,

I’ll help to clear the way, 

To waken you to Oneness,

Such joy, for All, that day!

I  write this poem to urge you,

To take Me seriously,

Join in peace with Me, dear,

Find sacred sanity.

God moves through His creation,

And fills it with His love, 

His energy of meaning, 

For All to partake of. 

To heal, redeem, transform, dear,

Love constantly renews,

Its benefit for All there, 

Come within and choose.


Choose to join with Me, dear,

No longer all alone, 

You’ve found that Friend who loves you. 

The best you’ve ever known. 

A sacred promise given, 

It was made for you,

You are God’s point of light, dear,

Let love and light shine through! 

In closing, let Me tell you,

My love for you, is deep,

I will never leave you,

This promise I will keep.


11/20/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.