Complicated concepts made clear...

Thursday, November 17, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 58 

The books given to you from this Source have far reaching implications for your planet. This volume and the others that have gone before, lay out to you an understanding that is simple, and yet serve as clarification of much that has been confusing to you. In simple and understandable words, complicated concepts are made clear to you. Let us look again at some of the most overlooked ones, there. 

First is the idea, the truth, that God moves as a Wholeness and cannot be separated into this and that, him and her, them and us. Our Source permeates and penetrates and is, All That Is. Nothing is left out. God holds All That Is in Universal Mind. Universal Mind envelops everything. 

We are, and everything is, first and foremost, spiritual. The physical dimension, is a sub dimension of the spiritual. In other words, the spiritual holds the physical within it. We must view ourselves as spiritual beings experiencing life in the physical dimension at this time. This immediately gives you a broader context out of which to view yourself. Now you can look at what is occurring in your life from the viewpoint of the transcendent as you join with Me within. This perspective is the true perspective of how to look at things. 

Another very significant teaching is the idea of how we hold our Mind. We have two options. We can hold our mind as ego there, a separated mindset developed over time as we have chosen to live away from our Source. This way has created fear-based thinking and all the concomitant errors in how life is lived. Sin, sickness, and death are the result. 

The other option is to live out from the joined mindset, consciously ‘free-willing’ to live out from the mindset of spiritual guidance, of me, and from your Source, there. This is the way of love there and the way of the truth of you. To bring all on your planet to the awareness to the truth of their Oneness with Source is the mission I am, and many are working on at this time. It is our quest and our calling.Your planet is part of a Universal Hierarchy waiting for your awareness and participation in this great Universal unfolding of magnificence. 

You are held in the mind of your Source as perfect, whole and free, and you are not judged as any other way, there. These are some of the essential teachings that you can incorporate into your mindset now. Let me end this chapter with a final declaration of love for you from me, and know that you are never alone. 

The Poetry of Oneness

We move as One together,

When you have joined in Mind,

Let go of separation, 

Embraced the ties that bind. 

Our Oneness includes All, dear,

Spiritually intertwined,

Woven inextricably,

It’s living love, you’ll find. 

This is God’s very meaning,

Fills All Creation there,

Permeates the Oneness,

So All will fully share,

In living love’s great purpose,

Healing, making new,

Redeeming and transforming,

Revealing what is true.

Awakening you to Oneness,

Is why I’m there within,

To shatter your defenses—

Let God’s love pour on in.

I’m there to guide, to teach you,

To be your dearest friend,

I will never leave you,

My Presence knows no end. 

To be ‘At One’ with Source, dear,

Is claiming who you are,

His Child and His very Own,

His point of light, His star.

Living love’s your birthright,

Inheritance sublime,

Do not waste a moment,

Now is the prefect time.  

Simply turn within, dear,

When you have found your peace,

I’ll hear your invitation,

Aloneness, now will cease.  


In Closing I will tell you,

I love you, we are One,

Let’s work to bring in others, 

’Til all awakening’s done. 


11/17/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.