Holy Spirit is you in spiritual reality...

Sunday, November 6, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 52 

Let us return to my life as I lived it there. How was it that my teaching became written and solidified as a religion? We shall look at this in this chapter. After my death and resurrection, the movement of my presence within each and everyone who turned to me, was real. My presence was felt, and was called the Holy Spirit there, for it was what could be most understood by the people at this time. 

Now the Holy Spirit is truly you in your right mind, your joined mind there with Me, with your Source, your Divine Parent. The Holy Spirit is you as spiritual reality, as you align with your transcendent mind there. It is not another presence with a persona of its own. Now this may feel as blasphemous to many, for they are indoctrinated in the Triune God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Now the clarification here is instead of the Triune God, there is One God, One Wholeness, moving throughout the universe, and you, dear one, are that point of light where the Oneness comes forth as you. You are that point of light where God’s love can come through into the world, right where you are. 

As time went on, it was of concern by the disciples and leaders of the small congregations that had developed, that the truth of what I had taught could get watered down, infiltrated with ambiguities, and changed from the original of what I had given. The rituals of baptism and communion were placed as of great importance, and were there to offer ways for people to relate to me. They were rituals that offered a means of visible and tangible affirmation and demonstration of devotion to me, but I was directly available to people then, as I am now. 

The books of the New Testament were written by those who had known me, or those who had been close to those who had known me. The Bible can be counted on to be the truth, but must also be looked at in the context in which it was written. To be a slave to the written text of the Bible, leaves out the fresh revelation that comes forth from me, even this day, even in this writing. To be a slave to the Bible can also be as one in a box, unwilling to move or go forward, even when spiritual guidance points another way. 

The Bible, and particularly the New Testament, states that believing in me is the way to salvation. But not by my blood are you saved, not by a nailing to the cross and my death are you saved, but by turning inward to the ‘joined mindset,’ to me there, where the truth of God’s meaning, living love, can come pouring through. Saved from what? From separation from God, where sin, sickness and death reign. 

Now I am not here to dismiss the Christian church, nor am I here to condemn those who are staunch believers in the hierarchy there. But I must emphasize most clearly, that I am here for each and everyone, and that baptism and communion are not called for to join with me. There is no need to go through a public declaration of sin and recite a creed that may feel as true in some parts, but not in other parts. 

Your worship, your needs, wants, anxieties, and felt shortcomings are between you and me, and need not be brought before a priest, or a pastor, there. Bring it all to me within, dear one, and feel into the love I have for you. The heart can be healed with the love I have for you, there, available always. Do not give up reading the Bible if it provides guidance and solace for you, but turn to me, the ever present now of me within, for direct healing, love, deep joy and divine relationship. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

Divinity Unfolding

Divinity unfolding

That’s who and what you are,

You’re living love so perfect, 

You are God’s shining star.

You say, “I’m just a human, 

A sinner through and through, 

Guilty of all kinds of sins, 

Divine? It can’t be true. “

I tell you you’re divine dear,

God’s love’s what you’re made of, 

The substance of creation,

The divinity of love.

Let go of false beliefs, dear, 

That you’re dung thrown on a heap, 

A mass of guilty flesh there, 

Unclean, not fit to keep.

You beg for God’s forgiveness, 

“Please God, my sins erase,

Free me from unrighteousness,

Cleanse me by your grace.”

Your sins came forth from ego, 

A faulty point of view, 

Dismiss this false intruder, 

‘Tis just defenses spew.

Just claim your true inheritance, 

God’s love through Transcendent Mind, 

‘Tis yours as gift forever, 

Your divinity you’ll find. 

I claim you as My Own, dear, 

Intertwined inseparably,

In humble joy together, 

As One Divinity. 


11/6/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others — witnessing to what you have come to know as so meaningful for you.  It is  the most important thing you can do to awaken the world to the Oneness of our Source, moving in and through and as each and everyone.