Life Goes on Forever

Monday, November 14, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter  56 

You have a heavenly home waiting for you as you depart from the physical plane. It is not a place that has an address like ‘exit solar system and head due east a million miles, and enter the nearest star portal marked Earth’s Heavenly Home.’ This is not the way the spiritual plane works. There is nothing that could be called solid physical matter, and yet the experience will be very familiar to you, even more familiar than what you are experiencing there on your planet now. 

The experience will be familiar to you and yet you will marvel at what is there right before you. The beauty and majesty of it will be awe-inspiring beyond words, for it will have along with its beauty, deep and heartfelt meaning. This meaning will resonate with you as the truth of being and you will see yourself as that same truth. But it will not be a static experience. It will be a dynamic experience, and there will be many others you will meet and who know you, there. 

Upon arrival and after greetings from others, you will have time to come to grips, i.e. acclimate, to what has happened to you. Why you died and other circumstances that you want to know of will be explained and we will answer questions you may have. Your free will, your legacy gift, is not taken away from you as you have left your physical body there, and you still have “say-so,” so to speak, in what you want to do and what comes next. You will be met with counsellors who have been working with you even now on the physical plane, as you have turned within. 

Since the substance of God, of All That Is, is living love and its function is ‘forever unfolding anew,’ your next calling will be a new unfolding into greater and greater gifting of this love to yourself and to others there, in whatever capacity you choose, and as you are told of where it is needed that would most fit your gifts to give. You will consider all of this as you then decide. You may decide to delay the next movement forward and stay in a rest and recuperation mode for some time there. That is fine and no judgement of you will be there ever. 

Your life review will take you into a time of consideration, and what you have done on earth will be laid out before you there. Pain may be felt as you will have wished you would have been more loving and more open to spiritual guidance. But again, this is not your Source judging you, it is just a reflection of what you experienced there, a learning tool for the next unfolding. Let us move on to another topic of interest to you. 

Life Goes On Forever

Life goes on forever,

Never will it cease,

I tell you with all certainty,

Set your mind at peace. 

Say not, ‘I have but one chance,

So I must maximize,

Must cram it all in one life time,

Before my life’s demise.’ 

Life here is but an episode,

A page that soon will turn.

In your eternal story,

Each page, a time to learn.

To learn you’re never solo,

Not meant to go alone, 

You issue forth from Source, there,

Your life, to Him, well known.

Your story, like a journey,

It goes on without end,

A journey without distance, 

Find peace, join Me, transcend.

Transcendent Mind is yours, dear, 

For as you turn to Me, 

Your story and your journey,

A blessing they will be.

Let God’s love flow on through you,

His point of light you are,

Wherever that you find yourself, 

You are His radiant star. 

You are an eternal being,

An offspring of your Source, 

Divinity is yours, dear, 

God’s peaceful, loving, force. 

Don’t fret about the end, dear,

It’s just a transition time,

I’ll be with you, and soon we’ll reach,

Our heavenly home sublime.

This poem’s meant for reassurance,

To bolster you this day,

I love you and I’m with you,

Bound as One, God’s way. 


11/14/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website. 

* If you have found a direct relationship with the spiritual reality of the resurrected Jesus, or your spiritual guide, don’t hesitate—please tell others so they’ll have the courage and the curiosity to turn within to Me. Your witness makes a huge difference as this is the way we change the mindsets of those still not aware of who and what they are—offspring of our Source — direct inheritors of God’s powerful living love transforming energy and the meaning of our Creator/Sustainer, Universal MInd — that we are One with All That Is!