Life is meant to be a free flowing movement...

Saturday, November 5, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness  

Chapter 51 

Let it flow. Let the movement of life flow through you without impediment. What does this mean? It means that life is not something to bend and shape as one would a clay vessel. It is not meant to be shaped by your own bending, pushing, and pulling. It is meant to be a free flowing movement like a river, or a song, without stops and starts and do overs. 

Now you may question this as your life has had periods when it didn’t flow, or when it was not like a song, but as a screeching car at a stop sign. Life has thrown you curves and this has caused you to hesitate and plan and strategize in how best to live it. You have preferred safety and security to letting in or going forward with the unknown there, even though much may be promised within that open door that beckons. 

Now let us look at the open door of spiritual guidance. Do you look at this with a hesitancy or with a skeptic’s eagle eye? Does this seem as too ‘iffy’ to partake in or even try? Does it sound like ‘wishful thinking’ there? You may have come this far in the book and still not be convinced that I am here for you within. You may choose to live in the safety and confinement of what the culture has given you to believe, and rule out anything that cannot be verified with scientific proof. 

I am not here to try some manipulation of your free will. I am not invested in you turning to spiritual guidance for my needs, nor for my adulation there. I am investing my attention, energy, and focus on this woman who has opened up to me, and I am doing it for you. You see, it is you who are the skeptic and has not known of my love for you, that I am most earnestly working for, there. You are the one who would so benefit from the healing power of living love that is there for you to open to. 

The benefits are myriad. Most importantly, it will allow you to come into the very truth of you, who you really are, and live out from this truth. Living out from spiritual guidance is moving to the flow of life as you were created to move forward there. The curves in the road become easily dealt with, and as simple punctuation marks that do not impede the song or the story there. 

I cannot manipulate you, nor coerce you, but I can express my deepest desire to have you know me, dear one. I can express my ardent longing for you, there. I love you and I invite you to get to know me well. Never alone, truly, never alone. 

Trust in the Unfolding

Trust that the unfolding,

Is not a random thing,

But truly’s from your Maker, 

Great blessings it will bring. 

It’s in accord with mission,

The gift you have to give,

Will make the way much clearer,

In how you now will live.

It may be very different,

Than what you thought it’d be,

But you will know for certain, 

That it’s your destiny. 

The movement that unfolds, dear,

That guidance will provide, 

Takes into consideration,

Its impact far and wide.

 Because we’re all connected,

 With Universal Mind as One,

 Following where love leadeth,

Is how God’s Will is done.  

So that is why I tell you,

Stay tuned, in touch with Me,

What you do is crucial,  

Affects the Entirety. 

‘Twill be no guessing game, dear,

You’ll know with certainty, 

We’ll move ahead sure-footed,

And hand in hand we’ll be.

Soon you’ll know next steps, dear,

Though patience’s still called for,

The answer is forthcoming,

In peace, stay at love’s door. 

Your Gift it will be given,

Your mission there, soon done,

You’ve lived your life with Me, dear,

Awakened to the One.

One Movement of our Father,

One Spirit life we live,

One Love pervades the All of us,

Meant for All to give.


11/5/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website. I would ask each and everyone to witness to My Direct Presence and the love you have found as you have turned within. Let’s wake the world to Oneness, dear one. It is the most important thing you could ever do!