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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 61 

Some have said, “I don’t get the ‘Oneness’ part.” Okay, I will explain this as simply and as plainly as I can. Oneness means that there is no division. Oneness is all encompassing. A good metaphor would be the sunlight. If the sun were perpetually shinning, which it is, for day and night are caused by the movement of the Earth, everything would be lit by the sun. Nothing would be left out. Now our Source holds everything in Universal Mind. Universal Mind knows its own creations there, intimately. From the hand of a new born infant to the delicate translucence of a bee’s wing. All is known. 

All is One movement of living love. This is the meaning God has for his creation, there. All are aspects of the Whole and live and move as One. You feel, because you are housed in a body and there is space around you, that you are not joined with anyone or anything there. You are solo, to go it alone. You feel you make poor choices and you suffer the consequences alone, or you joy in the right choice alone. This could not be further from the truth. Life is, in all ways, a joined experience. 

I can assure you that as you ask that this ‘Oneness’ be made clear to you, it will. You will get it, dear one, and you will wonder how you could have ever thought otherwise. Inclusiveness is the ‘by word’ of your Source. So when you look at another, realize that this one is a part of you. His or her needs are yours needs, his joy or her joy is your joy. This is how we heal the world, using spiritual guidance and living love to lead the way. Unity Consciousness is the true way, dear one, truly, it is the right way. 

The Non-Severability Of Oneness

We’re bound as One together,

One Whole with Source are we, 

Inclusiveness our nature,

We form One Unity. 

This means when moving forward,

When living out each day,

We listen with intention, 

To what Joined Mind would say. 

We harbor no delusions, 

That ego mind might spew.

Rejecting its conjecture,

That it, alone, is true.

Because we’re joined forever,

Great joy fills up our life,

The non-severability of Oneness,

Erases fear and strife. 

Living love, God’s meaning,

His transcendent energy, 

In quiet application, 

Brings peace and harmony. 

We see our brothers, sisters,

As God’s dear family,

Now dropped, the veil of separateness,

Means we can clearly see,

How we can be of service,

Bring living love to bear, 

We go where love’s light leadeth,

God’s will, we are, right there. 

Find peace, within, my dear one,

Then ask that I come through,

Transcendent Mind now opens, 

I’m here, with love, for you. 

You’ve found life’s very meaning,

Love lights each sacred Soul,

One movement of the Father, 

At last, complete, you’re Whole


11/22/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.