The great lesson of the cross...

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 53 

Let us continue on to another subject of interest. When I lived on the earth plane, my teachings sprang out of—were encompassed by—the Jewish tradition of my birth. The small villages I went to were filled with Jewish people, the laborers and the poor and the downtrodden, who were open to hear me, who did not dismiss me as just another radical preacher out in the hinterlands. There were not a vast number of religious ideologies that people had, as we see today. There were the pagan deities of the Romans, and there was the Jewish tradition. I spoke to those who were Jewish, there. 

I knew that the rules and regulations that the Jewish tradition held as of the greatest sanctity, were not necessary for communion with God, our Father. I knew, because my daily talks with Him were direct, free, not based on anything I had done to deserve them, nor given to me because I had followed the rules of the synagogue, and the constrictions given by the priests. I knew that what was true for me was true for everyone. 

I spoke as it was given to me to speak from my heavenly Father, from the spiritual dimension, there. I spoke, and because I spoke of freedom from oppression, and of direct communion with the Holy Spirit, with God, and of the heavenly kingdom that all have available, I was called The Savior. They thought of me as the Messiah, who had long been foretold and whom they had awaited, to save them from the oppression they so strongly felt under the Roman rule and the hierarchy of their own faith. 

As they opened their hearts and minds to me, to the Holy Spirit within, they were convicted and convinced, and their lives changed for the better. Quietly, they were able to come together in small groups, to joy in the faith and love of Jesus, and to find the ever-abiding Holy Spirit within, directly, to each one. I promised them that I would be with them always, even after death of my physical body. 

This was the great lesson of the death on the cross, dear one. The death, necessary for resurrection to occur, and the resurrection of my body, was the lesson I wanted to teach—that life is eternal and has no end. Many saw the resurrected Jesus and many believed. 

Walking the Hills

Walking the hills of Palestine,

And teaching the people there,

Filled my heart with gladness,

Good news I came to share! 

The good news of connection,

That God’s right there within

I told them of His Love there, 

Redeeming them from sin. 

They brought their sick ones to me,

And willingly I healed,

As living love poured through me,

God’s power there, revealed.

The Bible lays it out so clear, 

The Rule was threatened there, 

My death would be the outcome,

The cross and crown I’d bear. 

But resurrection happened!

Showed life will always be,

Spiritually, I’m living, 

In Mind, perpetually. 

This was the final lesson,

And those who saw believed, 

I said, I’m with you always,

Their sadness now relieved. 

My life on earth was over,

Gone, physicality,

In spirit, now, I’m with you, 

For you to join with me. 

This poem has but one meaning,

To let you know I’m here,

Inviting you to join me, 

My love for you made clear. 

I’m in your mind within, dear,

Find peace, tranquility,

No longer all alone now,

Forever joined with Me. 

In closing of these verses, 

My promise made so true, 

I am with you always,

I’m waiting here for you. 


11/8/22. Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about the website.