The Politics of Jesus

Monday, November 7, 2022

The Politics of Jesus

I’m not concerned with power,

Nor do I choose a side,

’Tis only for the people,

With them I do abide.

Some say I’m right of center,

The left side won’t agree,

Some quote my words, and some distain,

They’ll have no part of Me.  

Where does Jesus fit in then? 

Should He claim absentee?   

Not wanted at the ballot box?

 I say, ” Choose your vote with Me.”  

As with all your choices,

Quiet ego mind,

Join with peace and ask Me in,

The truth, indeed, you’ll find. 

Love is God’s healing energy,

In politics as everywhere,

So open to its renewing power,

Bring love’s true light to bear. 

Love’s transformation can take place,

With answers still unknown,

Beyond our wildest imagination,

Seeds of love are sown.

Bring trust and spiritual guidance,

Love and intention’s care,

Then fulfilling God’s Great Purpose,

We’ll awaken Oneness, there.

Let the people be united,

As One Great Loving Force,

Where all are cared for deeply,

We move as One, with Source. 

This vote will be for nation,

Yet we move globally,

This planet is our home there,

So vote holistically.

Decide on who will benefit,

Who, how, and why take note,

That which helps most people,

For them, let’s cast the vote. 

Freedom to vote, your right there,

Don’t give this right away,

Take the time to join with Me,

We’ll cast our vote, God’s way. 

11/7/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website. Witness to the direct availability of Me to you as you have found our relationship to be of help to you This is the most important thing you can be doing to awaken the planet to Oneness.