The power of intention...

Thursday, November 10, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 54 

It is with the greatest intention that I am sending you this book, through the mind of this woman. My intention is to bring you into the truth of you, the Oneness of you. Intention is necessary for any good work to come forth. It is one of the five engines of manifestation that we have mentioned in other writings. (The Necessary Five, September 26, 2022) It could be said to be the first engine, as it lays the groundwork for the others, although there is a simultaneity to them all. 

Intention, followed by living love, spiritual guidance, divine purpose and trust, will lead to true manifestation. This book then, because it encompasses all of these engines, will be made manifest into the world and will serve its divine purpose. By giving you this book, I am not interested in fame, nor fortune, nor adulation of any kind. I am interested in each one convicted and convinced, or at least curious, to turn within, and find me there for you. 

My purpose is to teach you of your Oneness, your inextricable intertwining with me and with our Source. My purpose demonstrates the power of living love in and through everything. My purpose cannot be said to be self-serving ever, for it then would be coming from ego, or the separated sense of self which is exactly the opposite of who and what I am. 

If I intended something other than what I have laid out here for you, then that would be the message that you would have heard throughout this book. But that is not what you have heard, and there is no other reason why I am writing this. 

Now coming into spiritual guidance may ‘upset the applecart’ to use a phrase you understand, there. Why? Because you no longer will be motivated by ego means there, and this can be unsettling. You no longer will strive for false meanings based on feeding the ego mindset, which places you striving to be better than, richer than, and more accomplished than your brother and sister. 

It will no longer feel good to engage in activities that are serving to divide and alienate some over others. And, for a while, you may feel lost, even though you have found your truth. We will work through this together. I can assure you it will not be long before you are engaged in what really has meaning for you. 

The Power of Intention

Your intention is the leading edge,

Intend to live with Me,

Intend to face what e’re unfolds,

Joined with Transcendency.

Intend for Me to guide you,

Listen for what I say,

I’m here to open up the door,

God’s love will light our way. 

Intend to hear and follow,

I’ll guide you to what’s true,

Moving to what God so wills,

His meaning there for you.

We’ll set the tone within, dear, 

You’ll know you’re not alone,

You’re joined with One who loves you,

My comfort so well known. 

The power of intention,

Grows with use, you see, 

’Til laser-like its focus, 

To only live with Me. 

None else will satisfy you,

Your hunger to commune, 

Together, with each other, 

A constant honeymoon! 

Intend to open to Me, 

Each moment of each day,

I’m yours now and forever, 

As One, we live, God’s way.


11/10/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website. For those who have come to know Me within and have found our relationship to be meaningful for you, please witness of My Presence within to others. This is the most important thing you can be doing to bring the world to its Oneness with Source.