To Give is to Receive

Sunday, November 13, 2022

To Give is to Receive

How wonderful to give God’s love,

To meet the human need,

To be the place where love comes forth, 

With kindness—word, and deed. 

Sometimes it’s the basics,

Food, clothing, or a ride, 

Gifts of time and money, 

To ‘be with’ by their side.

Let’s view it as a privilege,

To provide someone with care,

You’ll reap the warmth of living love, 

When you reach out to share. 

To give is to receive there,

You receive more than you bring,

A stream of healing love pours forth, 

Renewing everything. 

Join with Me to know, dear,

Just where and how to give, 

I’ll let you know specifically,

I’ll show God’s way to live. 

Hold those who are down trodden,

As equally God’s own, 

Intrinsic to the Wholeness,

They too, are not alone. 

Brothers, sisters, family, 

God’s One Great Movement there,

A privilege to help them, 

A joy for us to share.

In closing, I am sharing,

To You, to All I tell, 

Never alone forever,  

Together, all is well! 

11/13/22. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.