Urgent Message of Calling...

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 65 

Right now, at this time, I am with you there. You needn’t do anything to come into alignment with me, other than to come into your peace and ask me in. You needn’t think that my relationship is for only a few who have dedicated themselves to Jesus, or to those who somehow, have made favor with me. This is not the way of our Source, ever. 

You see, dear one, I see no one as any more valuable than anyone else. All are of inestimable value to me. My love and my involvement knows not of racial divides, nor ethnic preferences, nor of favoring one over the other. So if you define yourself as unworthy, it is you who has done this, not me. 

You are the one I love, and you are the one that I am calling to join with me here. You who have opened this book and have read this far, are the one who shows the interest and the openness to join with me. You have not dismissed this work out of hand, or you couldn’t be this far in the book. You have had some intrigue and you have wondered if what is said here could possibly be true. I am telling you fully, that it is, dear one, it is. 

There is an urgency to this writing. There is an urgency to getting the word out, and for more to open to the truth of life. You see, numbers count. The number one counts, and the many count, for there is a threshold at which it will be easier, for many more will open to the transcendent. There is a threshold in numbers. And so, we are working most earnestly to wake you up, and for you to open to me. It is in the heart and mind of each one that the message can be heard. It is not a bandwagon to join, nor a movement to attach to. It is you, individually, coming into the truth of who you are. 

This book is not just an informative look at the spiritual dimension, nor is it a look at a woman’s journey to truth, nor is it a tale of Jesus and his disciples. It is an urgent message of a calling to you to join with me, and to discover the truth of you. It is an urgent message, and I will not let up on putting it out there until all are awake. This writing is of the utmost importance for you. It is a call, an urgent call for you to discover who you really are. I so want to penetrate the veil of illusion you have built, the wall of defense that has separated you, and I so want you to glimpse the truth of you, to come and fully know me. Let this message be viewed as urgent for you, for indeed, we are One. I love you mightily, and you are never alone. 

Your Value is Inestimable

Comparison with others,

Is Not fruitful, ego’s trip,

It places you as up or down,

Holds you in judgement’s grip. 

Compared to high achievers,

Ego implies your low,

Why try, you’ll never get there,

You’ve got so far to go. 

Soon you feel despondent,

Sluggish, dim, and slow,

Your value seems diminished, 

Compared to so and so. 

Now listen while I tell you, 

The truth of who you are,

No one could e’re replace you,

You are God’s shinning star. 

Your value is inestimable,

Not based on what you do,

Intrinsically, you’re priceless,

God’s meaning there as you. 

You’re created in His image,

You’re perfect, whole, and free, 

Living love incarnate,

Expressing spiritually.

Turn within to Me, dear,

Feel My deep love for you,

Embraced and cherished always,

Feel your worth, so true. 

Let judging be extinguished,

Instead, join Me in Mind, 

Here you’ll know your value,

We’re joined as One you’ll find. 

Oneness means you’re not apart,

To live, alone to roam,

Held entwined with living love,

In peace, we are at home. 


11/30/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website. For those who have come to know Me within and have found our relationship to be meaningful for you, please witness of My Presence within to others. This is the most important thing you can be doing to bring the world to its Oneness with Source.