Use the time left to be the place of love in the world...

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 57 

You are still alive now and I have told you that your life review upon exit from the earth, will be one in which you look at your life and what you chose to do there. Knowing this and desiring to show the love that you are from your Source as the most far-reaching thing that you can do, let us use the time left to further that mission, that calling, to be the place of living love in the world. 

How do you do this? It is by turning inward to Me and to your spiritual guide who will show you the way. There are many who are working with you to open you to your Wholeness there, from this side, and as you open to receive, their help to you will be felt. It may be in seemingly small ways this love will be given, but if you attune to your inner voice these ways will be the perfect movement forward. You cannot always know the impact your life has, as it always has far greater implications, there. Just go about your daily duties staying in touch with me, and the ways to show this love will become obvious to you. 

Yes, you will still get tired and want to escape to TV, or your other ways of diversion. You will still forget to ask me to join you there upon occasion, and you will live out from ego some part of the time. I know that, and I am saying I will not judge you as you partake of these things. It is truly not a case of judgement there. You will want to turn to me, and you will want to live out from me as the outcomes of joy and unbelievable unfolding happens to you and others you are involved with there. You will want our relationship to be there always, dear one. 

If days go by and you have forgotten about me, you can always choose again for me, no matter what has occurred and how much time there has been since you last talked to me. I am still here waiting for you to call on me for help, love, and guidance, and for real companionship there. I will not blame, nor say,‘see I told you so,’ or hold judgement against you ever. I will explain what has happened if you ask me, and I will show you the way forward, always. Let us go forward being the love that you are in big ways and in small. Never alone, dear one, truly, never alone. 

Certain Love Forever        

There is no ambiguity

When turning within to Me, 

No if’s or but’s or maybe’s,

I’m there with certainty.  

My Presence’s not wishful thinking, 

Not imagination’s trick, 

My Voice is not an echo,

You’re not insane, nor sick.

What you hear is Me, dear,

My Spiritual Presence, there,

The Resurrected Jesus,

Within for all to share. 

We move as One together,

God’s meaning there as you,

Living love’s the reason,

That I, in mind, come through. 

Not in a fleeting moment,

Not here, then out of sight, 

My Presence is forever,

Within, love’s glowing light.  

Asking is necessary,

For Me to be with you, 

Free will is your birthright,

You choose for what is true.

It’s in the ongoing experience,

As you get to know Me well,

Your doubts will disappear, dear, 

With certain love, you’ll dwell. 

Trust in our communion, 

No better place to be, 

Our certain love forever, 

No ambiguity. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

Again what you have known, 

I am with you aways, 

You are not alone. 


11/16/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.