View coming into connection as of utmost importance...

Monday, November 28, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 64 

What you do makes a difference. You may feel as if one individual amongst the millions does not amount to much, but I want to tell you that one individual has the power to change what could be a seemingly impossible dilemma. One individual can counter a whole mindset of ignorance, as truth is brought to bear on a situation. 

One individual, joined with the transcendent dimension, with me, can bring to bear the Father’s viewpoint into the world. Not only the viewpoint, but the transformational power of living love, which can change the mindsets of millions, as the light of truth is brought to darkness. These changed mindsets now also open their mind’s floodgates to love’s renewal, and can heal the alienation of a people from its Source, its Maker, there. 

How you carry your mindset is all important to how your life is lived. To let go of preconceived ideas about how life is supposed to be, and to open to what Source holds in Mind as His creation, puts you into the flow of fulfillment beyond measure. So occasionally dabbling into meditation, and occasionally trying the experiment of joining with Me is the misuse of intention and free will, there. It is gross ignorance to be so haphazard about your truth in this way. 

I would urge each and everyone to view coming into connection with me as of the utmost importance for you. Joining with me, with your transcendent self, your spiritual self, who you really are, is as important as food, air, and water are to your physical self. This is not an overstatement, nor an exaggeration. Open the pipeline to the living love that is the very meaning your Source has for you. 

This pipeline, this alignment, can be had by quieting your thinking mindset, turning inward to me, and in that place of peace asking me in. Let the floodgates of our relationship open to you, and let the movement forward bring you into renewal such as you could never have imagined. 

The world, living from separation, desperately needs more who are joined with Me within. The world needs the love, the light, the renewal only had by the sharing forth of more and more, as light is brought to bear on seemingly impossible dilemmas. Love can heal, love can repair, love can mediate, love can bring order out of chaos such as could never have been imagined. It is possible and your part is as important as anyone else’s there. You have a part to play and I am calling on you to join with me, dear one, I am calling on you to live from your truth always. I love you deeply, and know that you are never alone. 

God’s Meaning is Love

There is no way to measure,

Love from God to you,

Endless is this treasure,

God’s meaning coming through. 

This love it has a function,

Not static nor obscure,

It seeks to bring renewal,

All maladies to cure. 

It’s not just a good feeling, 

Not just a tender glow, 

Its power beyond measure, 

Its function to bestow,

Healing and redemption, 

Fulfilling every need,

Love’s God’s meaning manifest,

It’s who we are, indeed!

It brings forth transformation,

Renewing, ’twill not cease, 

Power beyond imagination,

Yet moves in endless peace. 

It’s substantive within us,

It’s energy makes right,

Life itself its gift there,

It brings such joy, and light. 

Love is your very center,

I’m standing at the door,

Ready to pour forth this power,

To love you evermore.

Find peace then ask Me in, dear,

Find love you’ve never known,

A relationship of light, dear, 

At last, no more, alone. 


11/28/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.