Your Creator had joy in mind...

Saturday, November 12, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness  

Chapter 55 

How wonderful to know you are truly free in me. You are free to live fully, for I am not interested in you limiting yourself and bringing rules and regulations into our relationship, into your life, there. You are meant to live life fully, right here and right now. 

Now many paint this world as a place of hardship and a place where sin rules. It is portrayed as a place to escape from when death comes. There are religions that bring fear and trembling to their adherents, and fear of banishment for any curiosity other than what is taught by their religion’s ideology. This is not what I intended at all! Love is inclusive and forgiving and love heals all ills. 

What I am saying here is that freedom best experienced is freedom living out from your Wholeness, there. This means that life is lived joined with your Source. You can consciously do this, dear one, you can consciously do this. Now this does not mean that life will no more be fun, that excitement will be gone, and that serendipity will not happen. Life will be more adventurous, and things you never thought would happen, will. You will be surprised and delighted in how it all works out for you. 

Your Creator had joy in mind when He created you, and He left nothing of what He is away from his creation, there. So when we use the term ‘Oneness’ defining our relationship to Source, that means you too, are an aspect which has the ‘Wholeness’ as you. As diverse as everything seems, everything is the movement of the energy of living love which is the meaning the Father has given his creation. So God, our Divine Parent, puts the meaning of it all in what He has created, and this meaning is who He is. 

You are free in me to be the place of living love, right there in the world where you are. You are that point of light, right there, bringing living love which sets all things right, into that place. Use your legacy gift of free will to join with me here, and find freedom such as you have never known it before. I love you, and you are never alone. 

Where Joy is Found

Joy blooms in abundance,

And spreads its radiance there,

When we join together,

Its flowering fields we share. 

We walk and smell its fragrance,

Its sweetness, fills the air,

It colors our whole outlook,

A flower of beauty, there. 

Joy grows along with others,

There’s peace and harmony, 

Mixed in with pure contentment, 

There’s bliss and  ecstasy.

A garden filled with feelings,

That grows as we unite,

It is our love that feeds it, 

Our love, like sun, gives light. 

Joy is ever blooming, 

’Tis never dormant there, 

Its gift will keep on giving, 

It’s meant for all to share. 

Let’s spread the flowers of love, dear, 

Give beautiful bouquets, 

Fragrant with their radiance,

Our Unity displays. 

Joy is what results there, 

When we are joined as One,

When living love pours forth there,

God’s meaning’s what is done. 

The function of this love there, 

Is healing, making right,

Redeeming and renewal,

Transformation’s light. 

Let’s walk the garden path, dear, 

This day and every day, 

And bask in God’s great glory, 

I’m here, to show the way. 


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