Answers will come...

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 69 

Answers will come. They may not come in the time frame you might expect, but they will come in the perfect time that is best for you. Trust fully that your needs will be met and trust that you are cared for and abided with by your spiritual guide and me. Now as the power of living love is brought to bear on your situation there, answers will come. It is your birthright to be given what is needed there for you. 

As the awareness dawns most fully, that you are as your Creator made you, perfect, whole, and free, what you thought was necessary for your life may change. No longer will you want what the ego has so engrained in you there — meanings that your culture and the media have instilled into you. You will want only what your spiritual guidance tells you, for you know that this guidance is coming from the all-knowing place, your transcendence there. 

Now you are always free to accept guidance or not. You are never coerced, nor manipulated, nor cornered into accepting what is given. Always, you are respected as a free-willed and sovereign one, whose will cannot be violated ever. So you needn’t worry that you are being ‘led down a garden path,’ or that you are being skillfully maneuvered, there. We will guide you to what is truly the best path for you to take always, for your own good, dear one, for your own good. 

As this book proceeds, I want to give you much needed truth about enlightenment itself and what awakening to Oneness is truly about. We will look at the letting go of the ego defenses and how Randi finally came to understand there. We will inform her of what is to come for her and she will be interested in this as it is her life, but also pertains to all. And so, with that as the framework for what is to come, let us close this chapter with a promise of my love and involvement and my presence there for you always.You are never alone, dear one, truly never alone. 

The Answer Will Be Given

All problems have an answer,

That I will give to you,

As you open to Me,

Bringing what is true.

They may be unexpected,

Not what you thought they’d be,

The answers come so clearly,

As you trust in Me. 

What had seemed so heavy,

A complicated mess,

Step by step was dealt with,

Involving so much less. 

I see your grateful heart, there, 

Your wonderment shines through,

As living love, God’s meaning, 

Brings such help to you. 

And so I tell you once again,

Ask Me to join you there,  

I’ll open gates of living love

To heal, redeem, repair.

In truth, I am the answer,

I’ll show Transcendence’s way,

God’s will for you to follow, 

And love will light our way. 

I love you without measure,

This love will never cease, 

I am with you always,

We’re One, in joy and peace. 



12/7/22. Given from Jesus, Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.