Benefit of shared responsibility...

Saturday, December 31, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 86 

Let us look at this benefit as the benefit of shared responsibility. It is a benefit because no longer must you come up with how to live on your own. No longer must you self-generate activity, meaning, and purpose, there. You understand that you did not come to the planet without a guide who would help you, and you now have accessed that guidance. It is as you come here within again and again, that you gain the confidence to trust that what is being given you is truly given you in your best interest and with your forward movement as its focal point. 

How wonderful to know that self-generating ideas based on what the culture tells you or what you have historically been told is worthwhile, is no longer necessary. Now you know that you come form the Originator there, who has true creativity, uniquely for you, to live and to give. No longer are you stuck with the boredom and dullness of a life lived from age old traditions which truly are not relevant to what suits you now in your life. 

Life becomes a place of infinite possibilities where nothing is too ‘out there’ for you to put your energy and talent to work on. The open door of freedom you feel as you listen to the Voice for Truth opens the door of possibility as nothing else ever could. You become the real author of your life as you allow for your joined mindset to bring God’s will for you into what is unfolding. How wonderful to know that you are following what your Maker had in mind for you as you came to the earth to give your gifts here. How wonderful and how exhilarating, dear one! 

All this is done with the power of living love as the energy that brings to you the transformational gifting you will want to give. As you understand living love and its renewing energy, you will open to it more and more. You will open to it on a daily basis, and eventually, on a moment by moment basis, there. So you see that the benefit of shared responsibility is a wonderful gift to you, and worthy of your full participation .

No Time Like The Present

It’s in the present moment,

When our minds are joined as One,

The Father’s light illuminates,

How His Will is done.

We listen with intention, 

The Voice for Truth to hear, 

We follow what we’re given,

And gladly, we adhere.

Not far in the future,

Nor lost in forgone days, 

It’s in the present moment,

Love’s light shows us His ways.  

What ever lies before us, 

We go not there alone,

We move as One together, 

In peace, God’s love, we’re shown.  

Now is the right time, dear, 

To turn off ego’s voice,

Now ’s the time to choose for Me, 

Transcendency, your choice. 

So at this present time, dear,

Be still and find your peace,

Let’s move as One together,

Our joy, as One, won’t cease.

We’ll follow what we’re given.

Find joy in it each day,

There’s no time like the present,

To live our life God’s’ way.


12/31/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.