Come back to Me again and again...

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 79 

Let us now focus our attention on the importance of coming back to guidance again and again. The mindset of separation or the ego mindset is so ingrained in how you function, that it will take dedication and perseverance to come within to Me as your natural and normal way to use your mind. Start your day connecting to Me, dear one. As you open your eyes in the morning, state your intention and your desire to listening for the Voice for Truth throughout your day. State you intention that the Father’s will be done in your life. 

You will still go about your daily preparations of getting dressed, eating breakfast, cleaning up, etc. but you will do these things with a mind held open for input. You will hold your mindset with expectancy, and as accompanied there with a wise and loving friend and advisor. You can inwardly carry on a conversation with me about what you are doing. Do everything you can to increase the comfortableness and the normality of our connection. 

Now this does not mean that you should include those others around you in what you are experiencing, for others will look at you askance there, as one off balance, as one losing touch with realty. You are up against a culture which does not necessarily support the idea of spiritual guidance directly available to you within. You have the courage and the understanding to do this, dear one. As you have come this far in the book, you have what it takes to let go of habituation to separation and to open to the joined mindset, that way you were designed to use your mind. 

If you are new to our ‘togetherness,’ I will be there more frequently for you, almost on a moment by moment basis. Our relationship is new, so it will take more constancy together there, as with any new relationship. We are in the ‘getting to know you’ stage, A delightful and joyful time indeed, but filled with starts and stops as you are pulled back again and again to the old way of using mind. 

It will become easier and easier, dear one, and will become the preferred, the natural way you will use your mind. You will have come into real sanity and real ‘right use’ there. How wonderful to know that you are never alone as you live and how wonderful to know that your Source is with you and has never left you there, ever. Come back to me again and again, dear one, and know that you are never alone. 

Great Expectations

Expect a happy outcome,

Expect you’ll be fulfilled,

Expect a shower of blessings,

For this is what God willed,

For you and for all others,

Entwined as One Great Whole,

He gives His love, His meaning,

Embraced as One Great Soul.

Know you’re not alone, dear,

Know this could never be,

There is no separation,

You’re One Entirety.

Transcendent Mind’s inclusive,

Love, Light, Soul, Spirit, too,

The One includes the All, dear,

This Oneness includes you. 

Expect a great renewal,

Expect love’s constancy,

This is God’s very meaning, 

It’s your heredity! 

Do not let your ego,

That imposter defense mind,

Convince you it’s the real thing,

No substance there, you’ll find. 

Just turn within to Me, dear,

Expect to meet Me there,

Expect that I will guide you, 

God’s love, in peace, we’ll share. 

In closing let Me tell you,

You are not alone, 

Expect to know your Wholeness,   

Open, to your own.


12/20/22.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.