I am with you always...

Saturday, December 24, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 82 

Now you may think that if you abandon your habituated mindset, your thinking mindset, you will be giving up all you have ever known. You will be giving up ideas and ways of being that you hold dear, and that have served you well. You wonder if the sense of loss you will feel will be worth living out from the joined mindset which has no memories or ways of being that are familiar and comfortable to you. 

It is true that there will be a change, but it will not be as a loss, nor as an intrusion into your comfort zone, necessarily. If you switch to something that is far better, more true, and more real for you, will this be accompanied by a sense of loss? Perhaps, for a brief time when this way of using your mind is new, but it won’t be long before you realize how much more true and wonderful living out from our togetherness, your joined with Source mindset is. 

What will occur is that there will be a simplification in living, as the many things that seemed to have had meaning before become of less interest to you. So much of what has filled your ego mindset are thoughts that are defensive. This results in a competitiveness and a fear-based set of activities that truly are unnecessary, as you realize that you are loved deeply and nothing can upset that love from your Source, there. The very fact of your existence means that this love is there for you. You need do nothing to earn it ever, dear one. 

Abandoning you separated mindset in favor of your joined mindset is freeing beyond what you can imagine. You let go of personal responsibility for having to come up with ideas on how to live your life. You let go of the need to self generate ‘what next’ scenarios. You become a follower, happily turning over your will to God’s will, for you know this is where true joy and fulfillment will be experienced. 

Most importantly, you will have found a friend that will accompany you through your life. No longer alone, life takes on an easiness, as you can relax into the knowledge that this friend will not leave you ever — ready and available to you always— unlike so many other relationships that have gone by the wayside and into the dustbin of history there. I am with you always, and know that you are never alone. 

Relax into Relationship

If I seem far away from you,

My words you cannot hear,

Do not assume that I am gone,

That I’m no longer near.

Trying hard to connect with Me,

Brings ‘willfulness’ into play,

This stops My words from coming

It’s separation’s way. 

Willfulness and willingness,

A difference, “Can you see?”

Willfulness is ‘you’ in charge,

Willingness ‘yields’ to Me.

Your peace within is needed,

 For us to talk, relate,

‘Thinking’ blocks My words there,

Let ego dissipate.

If words you cannot hear, dear, 

Still trust that I’m with you,

I will leave you never,

We’re intertwined, it’s true,

Just go about your day, dear,

Keeping Me in Mind,

As your dear companion,

And know that you will find,

My words will soon return, there,

Your peace will have been found,

I’ll speak and you will listen,

No longer ego bound. 

Let joy fill up your heart, dear,

Let your worry cease,

Relax into relationship,

Together, we’re at peace. 

In closing let Me say, there,

What you’ve already known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


12/24/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.