It is not a closed union...

Saturday, December 3, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 67 

We are in it together, you and I. We have a common Source, a common mission, and a common heritage of Oneness. Now this ‘togetherness’ is not a bond of servitude, one to the other, although we do serve. It is not a bond of contractual agreement, nor like a solemn commitment or pledge. It could be likened to a symbiosis in which two spiritual beings, one residing in the physical, and one in the spiritual, come together for mutual benefit, even as they are One. 

Togetherness does not imply that individuality is swallowed up, nor does it imply that the union is a singular one between the two. It is not a closed union, yet it is personal and intimate. I am ‘together’ like this with all those who turn to me and all those who ask me to join them within. Intimacy is not forgone by the multitudes I know. Each one is known to me as an individual and I am aware of what each one is involved with individually. 

Each one is coming from the veil of illusion, the separated mindset there, and it is thicker or thinner, or we could say it has varying degrees of density. And so, each one will be approached and worked with in the way the suits that one. Each one will find the words and the guidance coming forth perfectly suited to his or her understanding. 

We will work together to undo the mindset that is so limiting and allow truth to percolate through the veil into its full and unalterable clarity. No more will you feel as an isolated and lonely one. No more will you see the world as a hostile and brutal place to live, but your open eyes now see the beauty and Oneness of it all. We are together, you and I, and nothing can diminish the light that is you ‘joined’ there. Never alone, dear one, truly, never alone. 

The Non-Severability Of Oneness

We’re bound as One together,

One Whole with Source are we, 

Inclusiveness our nature,

We form One Unity. 

This means when moving forward,

When living out each day,

We listen with intention, 

To what Joined Mind would say. 

We harbor no delusions, 

That ego mind might spew.

Rejecting its conjecture,

That it, alone, is true.

Because we’re joined forever,

Great joy fills up our life,

The non-severability of Oneness,

Erases fear and strife. 

Living love, God’s meaning,

His transcendent energy, 

In quiet application, 

Brings peace and harmony. 

We see our brothers, sisters,

As God’s dear family,

Now dropped, the veil of separateness,

Means we can clearly see,

How we can be of service,

Bring living love to bear, 

We go where love’s light leadeth,

God’s will, we are, right there. 

Find peace, within, my dear one,

Then ask that I come through,

Transcendent Mind now opens, 

I’m here, with love, for you. 

You’ve found life’s very meaning,

Love lights each sacred Soul,

One movement of the Father, 

At last, complete, you’re Whole


12/03/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.