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Saturday, December 10, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 71 

Let me share more of my life and my mission there. I was not daunted by the forces that were against me. There were many who came to see me as a threat, a challenge to the status quo that was so powerfully run by the synagogues and the Roman elite. What I wanted to share, to give to the people there, was the good news of direct connection to God, and to the Holy Spirit, which every one held within. 

I was not daunted, because I knew so perfectly, that what I shared was of such great benefit to the people who were held in almost a tyrannical hold by these powers. They were subjugated to following minute laws of the Jewish religion, and fearful of their very lives by the Roman elite, who held the people of the small hamlets and villages as of no consequence, there. 

I never thought of myself as being heroic, or showing great courage in doing what I was doing. My mindset was always as a listener to the Voice for Truth, God’s truth, for me to bring forth to others. It was a wonderful experience to be with my disciples and to travel the foothills and the valleys and to visit the peasants there in the small villages and hamlets. We were a merry bunch of travelers and happy to be sharing the wonderful news of God’s great love for each and every one. 

Now often, I would leave the men and I would go off into the hillsides to be with my heavenly Father. I would commune directly with Him and felt such love and accompaniment from the spiritual realms there. I was at peace in what was unfolding for me and for my men and for the people there. How wonderful to see the shining faces and the open hearts of the many who came to listen and who understood as they opened to receive the Holy Spirit within. There were healings and there were sudden shifts of awareness as the Holy Spirit moved the hearts and minds of so many. 

It was in the third year of my mission that the multitudes no longer felt such a deep servitude to the Jewish rules and regulations, there. It was now causing alarm among the high priests. How angry they were and soon developed a plan to end the life of this one who was now seen as a blasphemer. They had known me as I had been a rabbi in the very synagogues in which they taught. Now I was looked on as a stranger and as a renegade, a false prophet, a heretic, and a real threat to the status quo. Now my life was over, for I knew they would not stop until my death. Still, I was not daunted. 

I knew that what I was teaching to people was true for all time and for all generations to come. I was in constant contact with my heavenly Father through it all, and as I took my last breath there on the cross, He was with me. I left the physical plane and entered the spiritual. The agony was now the ecstasy of completion, but I had one last gift to give. And so, I would return to these ones. 

Walking the Hills

Walking the hills of Palestine,

And teaching the people there,

Filled my heart with gladness,

Good news I came to share! 

The good news of connection,

That God’s right there within

I told them of His Love there, 

Redeeming them from sin. 

They brought their sick ones to me,

And willingly I healed,

As living love poured through me,

God’s power there, revealed.

The Bible lays it out so clear, 

The Rule was threatened there, 

My death would be the outcome,

The cross and crown I’d bear. 

But resurrection happened!

Showed life will always be,

Spiritually, I’m living, 

In Mind, perpetually. 

This was the final lesson,

And those who saw believed, 

I said, I’m with you always,

Their sadness now relieved. 

My life on earth was over,

Gone, physicality,

In spirit, now, I’m with you, 

For you to join with me. 

This poem has but one meaning,

To let you know I’m here,

Inviting you to join me, 

My love for you made clear. 

I’m in your mind within, dear,

Find peace, tranquility,

No longer all alone now,

Forever joined with Me. 

In closing of these verses, 

My promise made so true, 

I am with you always,

I’m waiting here for you. 


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