Meaning-making is human races core attribute...

Friday, December 9, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 70 

The scribe is not a soothsayer, nor is she what is called a psychic. She is an ordinary person, with average talent and abilities. She is not one who has been gifted with great beauty or physical abilities beyond what is normal, there. She was, however, very attuned to her inner dynamics, and to what gave her meaning and satisfaction. She was ill at ease living a life that was not a
truthful expression of what she felt. For a time she would go along with things, but sooner or later, if she was not in harmony with her circumstances, she would let them go. 

Her determination to find and live by what gave her meaning was crucial to how her mission unfolded. Now meaning-making is what the human race has as its core attribute. No other species places such a high value on finding meaning in life. Yes, in many ways we are driven by our need for food, shelter, belonging, and sexual expression among other innate drives. We are also driven by what our culture impels into us as meaningful there. But our quest for meaning goes a lot deeper and further than this. We are interested in the ‘why’ of life, the ‘how’ of life, and if life is meant to deliver ‘more’ than what we are experiencing. It is mankind’s quest throughout the ages. 

Let us then look at the quest for meaning as crucial for mission, for one’s inner truth to be found. If you have found satisfaction in what your life has given to you and you are not curious about the ‘more’ that may be there, you are not to feel as if you are missing something. You are not to manufacture curiosity if it is not there. Each path is different and cannot be held up to another in comparison. I do not judge you there, dear one, I do not judge you. However, if you have gotten this far in this book, you certainly have interest and interest is the open door for more and greater understanding. 

Now you may not be interested in ‘Jesus’ per se, but I am interested in you. You see, interest is a ‘two way street,’ to use your vernacular. Randi was not interested in the ‘stale bread Christianity’ that places so much guilt on people, and seeks out sinners to be saved. She wanted to know me personally, and she has come to know me much more, as she has turned within to me on a daily basis, sometimes on an hourly basis, there. 

What has she found? She has found One who has told her about God’s meaning for it all. She has discovered living love, not just through words, but through direct experience, there. She has discovered the truth of life, and can now continue on, writing and talking about this truth. She is listening always and I am communing with her always. I am here for you too, dear one. Join me now within, and let us joy in our new found relationship together. I love you dearly and know that you are never alone. 

The Meaning of Our Maker

The meaning of our Maker,

Living love will bring,

A dynamic new unfolding,

It moves, lights everything 

Love, you see, is living, 

It functions to renew,

Heals, redeems, transforms, dear,

It’s substantive in you. 

You think you’re biochemical,

Yet spiritual’s what you are,

 A Being of light electric,

You are God’ shining star. 

Love is God’s living light source, 

His meaning, making new,

Open to My Presence,

His love will enlighten you 

Radiant love will fill you,

Will impact all around,

God’s point of light, you are, dear, 

His meaning, in you, is found.

Joy will fill your heart, dear,

You’ve found your meaning true,

Love will light the way, now,

God’s will is what comes through. 

You are God’s very meaning,

Your life meant to embrace,

Others who are His meaning, too,  

Shine bright, hold forth His grace!   



12/9/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.