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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 73 

The title of this book is With Love in the Oneness. Let us look again at the meaning of oneness as this is often a hard concept to understand. Often an analogy is helpful in understanding this. And so, we will give you several. Is a sunbeam separate from the sun, as it shines locally here on the earth? What about rain drops? Are rain drops really separate from the movement of water on the planet as it moves throughout the various weather systems and the flow of the oceans and the currents therefrom? Likewise could an air molecule ever be separate from the larger flow of the atmosphere as it surrounds the planet there? 

These examples just begin to show you of what I am talking of here. God’s oneness includes everything and everyone, dear one. It is the spiritual dimension which holds All as a part of what it is. God leaves nothing of Himself, His meaning, away from His creation, there. Now the physical dimension exists as within the spiritual dimension, vibrating at a lower frequency. Its integrity comes from its connection to the spiritual. It appears as separate but it is, in no way, separate ever. 

Now what you experience when coming from your truth, the meaning of living love that you are, is experienced by your Wholeness, there. As you are not separate, your experiences are not separate either. You do not have a repertoire of experiences as just your own to look at and hold onto as private. Privacy is non-existent in the spiritual plane. Now this may be upsetting to you, for some things you may feel you do not want others to know of, even your Source, there. These feelings can only come from the separated self as shame or self experiencing alone is not known in the joined mindset. 

Your joy is shared, your hungering and longing is shared, and your opening to the influx of your Wholeness is always there. Here living love flows forth and renews and transforms as nothing else could. You are bathed in its redeeming energy of life, vivified as nothing else ever could do. To be vivified in the energy of living love is to awaken fully to whom you really are.

Your Treasure is Your Oneness

I bring the greatest treasure,

For what I give to you,

Is what you cannot measure, 

I bring Transcendence’s View. 

I share a wealth of wisdom, 

And more than this I bring,

Living love pours through Me, 

Enlightens everything!

This love has priceless value,

God’s meaning coming through, 

His power of renewal, 

Is found, right there, in you!

A treasure without measure,

For who could count the ways,

Living love transforms, there, 

Heals, renews, and saves. 

Your treasure is your Oneness,

You see, you’re not apart,  

You’re One with the Transcendent,

With God, “How Great Thou Art!”

A million dollars in the bank,

Just numbers on a sheet,

Cannot give you greater joy,

Then living love, complete.

So join your mind with mine, dear,

Now separation’s gone, 

Joy in our Completeness, 

We sing, as One, God’s song. 

Your treasure is your Oneness,

We’ll clear the ego’s way, 

’Til separation’s thoughts, dear, 

Have blown, like dust, away.

In closing I will tell you,

I’m here, join now with Me, 

Open to your Oneness, 

You’re perfect, whole, and free!


12/13/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.