No longer alone...

Thursday, December 15, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 74 

Moving forward in this book, let me share with you why what you are reading is not just another book of spiritual teachings. Let me share with you why what is said here is of such vital news for you. Because you have chosen to get this far in the book and have not dismissed it out of hand, because you have shown interest to this point, you have shown that you are open to hear what so many have dismissed and shut out as truth. 

You have shown  that you are a seeker and are not held in the grip of a religion that would call these books as blasphemous or as heresy. You are not tethered to a dogma that is closed, or to a culture that looks on spiritual things as incidental to life, anomalies that occasionally pop up and cause curiosity and interest. 

This places you as one whom we can work mightily with, and one whose interest is not derailed by what others are saying. Your mindset is ‘fertile ground' as in the parable of the sower in the Bible. You have allowed these ‘seeds of truth’ to take root in your fertile mind, dear one. I will ‘tend to your garden within’ mightily, there. Now the fruits of your willingness, your interest, attention, your listening and following, will be manifold, dear one. You will be redeemed, brought back to the original of you, as God created you there, perfect, whole, and free. 

You will have found your meaning in life, which is God’s meaning for you — that you are the very substance of your Source, living love, with all that this means for you. When you fully open to it, dear one, you will feel into the ongoing transformation that is God living out through you. You will understand yourself to be that point of light and love right where you are. You will be the place where God’s perfect order is brought to bear on the situations and people you are involved with. 

Most wonderfully, you will feel that you are no longer alone in life, and that you have a friend who loves you and abides with you always. I am that friend here for you, and I am with you through whatever you are going through, dear one. To have such a relationship of magnificence is the most wonderful outcome of reading this book if it has caused you and I to come together as One. Now you are an initiate into being a light worker, for simply placing your mind joined with me is the doorway to being the light of God’s living love. Now you join the many in awakening the world to the Oneness of its Creator, there. Nothing you could ever do could be more important than that! I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone. 

Your Forever Friend

I am Your Forever Friend,

Within your mind and heart,

I am that constant Presence,

Not separate, nor apart.

I’m here because I love you,

And so want you to know,

That we are joined forever,

In grace and love we’ll grow. 

Your part’s to open to Me,

To quiet ego’s mind,

To ask and listen closely,

The Voice for Truth you’ll find. 

Our life lived joined together,

Releases ego’s reign,

Dispels its faulty blustering.

Your Truth is now made plain!

I put this poem before you,

Simple as it may be,

I ask, yes, I implore you,

To come and join with Me. 

Truth is, we’re joined right now, dear,

Right there within to see,

I ask your recognition,

To lift your eyes to Me. 

A Friend Forever, yes, dear,

A guide and teacher, too,

God moves as One Great Wholeness, 

This Oneness moves with you.

A plea with One intention,

To waken you to see,

That you are not alone, dear,

That you are joined with Me. 

I’m waiting here within you,

Right now is the right time,

Come and find Your Forever Friend

Relationship sublime!


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