Not Meant to Live Alone

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Not Meant to Live Alone

Remember that I’m with you,

Intwined as One are we,

You’re not meant to live solo,

You’re meant to join with Me. 

A humble attribution,

Yet powerful in effect,

You’re in-dwelt with spirit,

Choose to join, connect.

Gone, cruel separation, 

A made-up use of mind,

Gone, harsh alienation, 

 Deep love, with Me, you’ll find. 

Safe, secure, and whole, dear,

Joined, yet truly free,

Built on God’s foundation,

One with the Entirety.

So happy in our union, 

Joy permeates the air, 

Peace, our field of being, 

Love’s light, we follow, there. 

God wills we live connected,

It’s how creation’s done,

No man is an island,

With Him we move as One. 

Your choice to join with Me, dear,

Your free will you must use,

Never forced upon you, 

Freely, you must choose. 

Together, with Our Source, dear,

We’ll live in harmony, 

‘Tis God’s own loving purpose, 

To live as Family. 

Remember that I love you,

No judgement, blame from Me. 

I see only goodness, 

You're perfect, whole, and free.

My arms are open wide, dear,

I’m waiting for your call, 

Joined as One forever,

I give to you my all! 


12/28/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.