On the cusp of real change...

Friday, December 16, 2022

From   With Love in the Oneness

Chapter  76 

You are on the cusp of real change. The mindset of limitation/separation is lifting, and many are now having moments of illumination. This is leading many to question whether there is the availability of spiritual guidance directly to them. As the mindsets of millions begin to open, even a little bit, and more and more show the willingness necessary for divine input to occur, there will be radical transformation such as you have never seen before. This is such good news for your planet and its inhabitants! Awakening is occurring as we can so plainly see from this side in the spiritual dimension. 

The shake-up of the planet that has occurred as a result of global wide phenomenon that has put minds focussed on each other as a whole planet, has been a needed forerunner to awakening. The health and well being of the planet and its people are issues that your changing climate have caused, along with the virus that calls out for global concern and action. There is no going back to isolation and independent solutions from countries and individuals intent on going it alone. It will no longer work, as that will become plainly obvious, and only exacerbate the problems. 

Sooner or later, those people and countries that are the most enlightened — and that does not necessarily mean the most rich and powerful countries and people — will be examples to others of how to join together to find solutions. The world will change by leaps and bounds in the good direction, the healing direction, and the direction of opening to spiritual guidance for help. You who are reading this, have a part to play in bringing about this transformation. As you engage with me and with your spiritual guidance, you lesson the density of the third dimension, and allow for breakthroughs from the spiritual dimension for yourself and others. 

Let not the media define you there, dear one, or define what is good in the world. It has shown that it ‘normalizes’ bad behavior and encourages the profit motive in all things. It seeks to engage you fully in its mantras of self indulgence as the means to happiness. 

This is not true, dear one, for it is in embracing the Wholeness of you that includes all others, that true happiness and purpose and fulfillment can be found. You are on the cusp of real change and you are a change agent, indeed! Let us together, bring about the releasing of the separated mindset and join together as One. I   love you truly, and know that you are never alone. 

It’s  All About Others

The dearest love you’ll ever find,

     Is right there deep within,

A love so dear, it fills your heart,

     Right there, its always been.

Partake, dear one, of this great love,

     Immerse yourself therein,

And feel the healing waters,

     Wash clean your guilt and sin.  

I am that love for you, dear,

     I give my all to you,

And open the transcendent,

     To what is surely true.

That you are my beloved,

     As One, we do exist,

With All of God’s Created,

     No one left out, nor missed. 

So when you see your brother,

    You see but who you are,

As One with our dear Father,

     As pure, a shining star. 

As innocent as you, dear,

   In him the light you’ll find,

And know that he is perfect,

    Held safely in God’s Mind.

It’s all about the others, dear,

     They are our family,

And bringing to them God’s intent,

    To love unceasingly. 

Let living love come forth, dear,

      And heal the blinded sight,

So all can see the vision, 

      The truth, and all that’s right. 

This poem’s a call to you, dear,

    To open up to Me,

And let the power of God’s great love

    Within, work mightily.

We’re waking up the world,  

       To its true identity,

To God’s great meaning, living love,

       Renewal, constantly.

This is the highest calling, 

    Will you do your part?

Together, we will give the gift,

     As One great loving heart.

In closing, let me say again.

      I love you as my own,

 I will never leave you,

        With me, you’re not alone. 



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