Simply, Needs are Met

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Simply, Needs are Met

There’s no great complication,

To getting your needs met,

Just ask for what is needed,

Then let go fear and fret.

I see, I hear, I understand,

What’s needed there for you,

Living love sets all things right,

Transcendent Mind comes through. 

Strategy’s not needed,

Listening’s called for there,

I will guide you, show you,

When, what to do, and where.

As needs are fully answered,

And blessings there abound,

You’ll know the power of living love,

Fulfillment all around! 

Love’s answers seem so obvious,

So simple, clear, and right, 

Obscure no more, nor complex,

Restores your blinded sight. 

I know what fills your needs, dear,

Because I know you true, 

I am the answer needed, 

Let love from Me come through. 

Simply, I will guide you,

No harsh complexity,

Just call my name, I’ll answer,

Needs, well met, with Me! 

12/18/22. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.