The Equality of Oneness...

Monday, December 19, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 78 

This book is entitled With Love in the Oneness. And so, let us speak of Oneness again, to clarify to you what is meant here. Now Oneness does not mean that you are a solo one, for your Oneness includes the Whole of you. The Whole of you includes all your brothers and sisters there on the earth plane, and indeed, all created beings. This has broad ramifications for how you live your life, dear one. It means that when you interact with others in any way, you are interacting with a part of your Wholeness. You are interacting with your spiritual family, and must see yourself as ‘in relationship’ with. your Oneness, always. 

Now you may say this puts an extra burden on you, for that much caring or familiarity is not practical in this day to day world you live in. So much of interaction is just routine and business as usual. It is what is called for though, dear one, it is what is needed in your world! 

Now you needn’t feel you must ‘come up’ with how to engage with this one or that one from your separated self. Stay open to me, and as you align with and listen to the Voice for Truth, you will know what is needed. It will not be as difficult as it may seem to do this. In fact, it will seem as natural and normal there. It will be as a comfortable exchange or action and not out of place at all. You see, when you come out from your alignment with Source, with me, you are coming from the place of true authenticity and how you are truly meant to interact. 

Your ‘others’ will be touched by your interaction in some way that validates and verifies to them that they are worthwhile, and valuable people there. Your interaction of inclusion, of oneness, will be a life enhancing interaction to that one, though you may not know how or why. I know though, dear one, I know what will really help that one. 

As you align with me, you are opening the gates of living love which pour through you to that one. As has been said so many times before,”You are that point of light and love sharing God’s meaning, right where you are.” Now you will be blessed mightily too, there, dear one, for as living love pours through you, it blesses you, too. It blesses, heals, redeems, renews, and transforms All, the Whole of you there. No love is shared in isolation, nor felt by just those involved. All are impacted and benefit with God's meaning of living love, as All are One. 

The Equality of Oneness

There is no inequality,

No one left without Love,

God giveth His true meaning, 

It’s what we’re all made of. 

This energetic substance, 

Accessed through peaceful mind,

It’s right within, just ask Me,

Such Love, as One, you’ll find. 

The Equality of Oneness,

Means God, each one, doth fill,

With Love, His point of light, there, 

Each one shines forth His will. 

Let’s look at what God’s Love means,

Its meaning’s there for you,

To heal, redeem, and to transform, 

Indeed, to make all new.

If you are One with God there, 

I tell you, this is true, 

Your brother and your sister, 

Are also One with you. 

The Equality of Oneness,

Means all are family. 

No one left out or lonely,

Just turn within to Me.

The planet is awakening, 

Fast moving to that time, 

When separation’s gone there, 

God’s Oneness reigns sublime. 

For now, let’s join together, 

And live as One this day,

Let Love make right, renew all, 

Let's joy, in Love, God’s way. 

In closing of this poem, dear, 

I tell you what you’ve known. 

I am with you always,

You are not alone.  



12/19/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing  is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.